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Chung Wah Chicken Rice Ball @ Jonker Street, Melaka


Besides Hoe Kee, Chung Wah is another famous Hainan Chicken Rice shop located at the start of Jonker Street (Jalan Hang Jebat) in Melaka town. Hoe Kee is famous for their Hainan Chicken while Chung Wah is well known for their chicken rice balls, said to be tastier and packs more flavor.
Chung Wah Coffee Shop was intended as my first stop for chicken rice balls, but too bad the chicken rice was already sold out when I arrived. According to the locals, Chung Wah usually sells out before 3 to 4pm so its best to visit this place during breakfast or lunch time to avoid disappointment.


The next day, we went early and were one of the earliest customers. As usual we ordered a larger portion of chicken and very little rice balls. The chicken felt tough because chicken breast was given.. I think I should have specified a more tender part like the thigh or drumstick.
Because of that we didn’t really enjoy the chicken. And I have to agree with the locals that Hoe Kee’s chicken is indeed tastier.


But when it comes to the chicken rice balls, Chung Wah has the upper hand with their more compact and flavorful rice balls that do not crumble that easily compared to Hoe Kee. The rice balls were so flavorful you can eat them on their own.


And lets not forget the very spicy chili sauce, it’s nice!


It’s only 9am and the coffee shop was full with customers already. That explains why they would run out of chicken rice before 3pm.


The chicken chopping area was very messy and the since the chopping was done in a quite cincai way.. which is why the chicken pieces looked so unappealing in the first photo. Well it doesn’t really matter lah since it’s gonna end up in the stomach anyway.


Chung Wah Coffee Shop is extremely easy to find. Just cross the bridge from the Stadyhus (Dutch Square) and you will see it on your right opposite OCBC Bank, at 3pm location of the roundabout. Across the road is Sam Shu Gong, a nice shop to buy some local products especially the white coffee.
Since I have already tried two of the more popular chicken rice shops in Melaka, I plan to try the other chicken rice shops recommended by my readers that are said to be equally good. I have listed a few but I can always use more recommendations. So if you have any to suggest, please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks!

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