Crab Meat Hor Fun


It’s the first day of Raya and I am all alone with no one to dine with lol, so pitiful. A recent comment by a reader Mick prompted me to go try a Crab Meat Hor Fun stall in Lau Yew coffee shop Bukit Mertajam 大山脚. FYI Lau Yew is a quite big sized hawker centre located in the town. I used to enjoy a cup of tea here before my tuition session starts in IBM. It’s been years since I last came, it sure brought back some nice memories..

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I assume that the stall is managed by a couple of husband and wife. Business was good from my observation.. orders were coming in quite often. Only a few stalls were also open only at that time (7.20pm) They were char koay teow, Thai fried rice and fried chicken.

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My order arrived very fast. The colorful ingredients used made the dish looked really great. Red char siew, yellow egg yolk, green vegetables, white strands of something-I-dunno and brown hor fun. Besides looking great, it also tasted wonderful. The hor fun itself is already very good, and when fried together with the sweet crab meat.. it’s even nicer. Can’t imagine if prawns were used too.. that’d be heavenly lol. Thanks to Mick for his recommendation ;)

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  1. thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh….so so muchhhhh….miss the crab meat horfun damn much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n the picture itself ade make my saliva keep meleleh-ing..ahahahha
    i really cant wait for 2more weeks ..after my final exam…i will rush back to bm for my mum’s cooking n of course, my all-time-favourite
    thanks again!

  2. vkeong,

    just read back ur post! that is not his wife! according to my mum, she’s just his worker..hahah..
    n..u ate there? i never try b4 sitting there, i always tapao go back n i think by the time reach my house, the horfun ade dry n it taste better! ehheh my assumptions nia ok?

  3. I have been eating from this store since childhood. The initial store was a little push cart beside the corner coffee shop opposite the Kulim Bus Station. They open at night and it was manned by his parents. The present cook is his son and the girl used to work together. The son eventually married this girl worker which is the same girl you have on the above pics. The taste has changed quite a lot but its is still the only crab meat hor fun i know of. Keep up the good work!!! By the way I was a BM High boy living in KL now.

    vk: Thanks for the history Teoh :) I thought they have been at Lau Yu since they started


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