Curry Chicken Bun Making Process @ Lucky King Bun Factory, Lukut


Before we had Lucky’s ‘Yin Yong’ Bun at the restaurant, we actually went to their factory that morning to see how the buns are produced. I am sure many would assume that the buns are not difficult to make. After all what you need to do is just wrap the dough around the aluminium foil containing the filling and bake it until it is done, right?
Well, you might have guessed the overall process correctly but there are many fine details involved and patience is very important too, as each bun takes about 4 hours to make from scratch.


Firstly, the curries had to be cooked first from as early as 6am because the buns are made fresh daily. The base curry paste used to prepare the curries has more than 20 different ingredients and spices that are slowly simmered and stirred to extract their flavors.



The fillings for the ‘Yin Yong’ bun: Dongpo meat and pork ribs curry.


After transferring the curries into the bowls, they are wrapped carefully so as not to break the fragile grease proof paper.


The next step is to wrap the packets of fillings tightly using aluminium foil. A layer of butter is spread evenly over them to ensure the bun doesn’t stick to the foil later.


Freshly made doughs are cut into big individual chunks and weighed to ensure proper sized loaves.


They are covered and left to rise for 30 minutes, then rolled into flat and round shapes.


Some skill is required to wrap the dough around the packets of aluminium foil especially if you need to do it fast.


The extra large ‘Yin Yong’ bun requires a little more work to make it look like a small pig, it even has a tail.


After a second rise for 30 minutes, they are ready to go into the oven.


When the bun turns golden-brown, the crust is glazed with egg yolk for a shinier finish. The process is actually repeated as many times as necessary until the desired color is attained.



Two freshly baked buns that have the perfect shape and smell really nice of butter. This would be the best time to enjoy the buns while they are still warm and taste the best. In fact, some customers actually purchase the buns directly from the factory as soon as they are out of the oven – usually by 12pm. You could do the same too if you want, just use the contact details below.


Lucky King Bun 好运面包王 (Factory)
No 34, Bandar Baru Lukut,
71010 Lukut, Port Dickson,
Tel: Mdm Lew 019-6489888/ Mr Chaw 012-6819393

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