Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice @ Katong Shopping Centre

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Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice at Katong Shopping Centre can be considered as my 2nd favorite in Singapore after Tian Tian. And if I am not mistaken, they serve Cantonese Chicken Rice instead of the more popular Hainanese Chicken Rice. I don’t really know their differences, since there are contrasting views in the history and even from the Chicken Rice chefs themselves but this is a good research topic.
The stall’s location at a basement food court of a rather quiet shopping complex filled with various maid agencies does not seem to affect its business. The queue for a plate of chicken rice here is so long it’s not even funny, it stretched all the way to the entrance!


Despite being advertised as boneless chicken rice, the chicken pieces do not come in boneless form by default. A sign saying “Please tell me if you want boneless chicken” is hung at the stall front lol. Not a problem to me anyway, either bony or boneless.


Some unique things about the chicken rice here, the meat is topped with fried garlic bits and red chillies and drizzled in a generous (more than usual) spray of sesame oil, which give it a special flavor combination. But the soya sauce seasoning is quite strong hence the saltish taste. Well that’s where the rice comes in, to soak up the extra flavor from the sauce. So when eaten together they still manage to taste just right.
A deserving mention also goes to the size of chicken used here.. it is bigger and a lot meatier compared to the rest but still smooth, juicy and tender. In fact I was quite shocked to see the amount of meat present in just half a chicken ordered by a family of five seated next to me.. it was definitely more than enough to be shared. It could be also be because of that, the chicken meat is not as thoroughly cooked resulting in a slightly bloody appearance, which is a turn off for many.


The free flow of Acar (vegetable and fruit salad in sweet solution) is another plus point for this chicken rice stall. The ingredients are fresh so it was no doubt delicious. I felt it was a good compelement to a meaty meal full of carbs.


Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice (美味起骨鸡饭)
Katong Shopping Centre
865 Mountbatten Road #B1-85/#B1-87
Singapore 437844
Tel: 9789-6073
Business hours: 9am to 8pm daily

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