Delicious Kaya @ Kiah Hong Coffee Shop, Madras Lane

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After hearing so much about Madras Lane‘s famous kaya (coconut jam) I purposely went to search for it and now I know Kiah Hong coffee shop is the kopitiam that serves this traditional spread. I thought it was going to be difficult to find the coffee shop, as there was not much being mentioned about this famous kaya except its street name in Penang.
If you travel along Macalister Road often and did not know about this coffee shop, well we are in the same boat. Because Kiah Hong is fronted by trees making it quite hidden from sight and not really noticeable especially if you’re driving.


Here, two slices of toasted bread spreaded with margarine and their very own kaya, two half boiled eggs and a cup of coffee cost RM3.60. A reasonable price if you ask me.


Kiah Hong uses crust-less Bengali bread for the toasts, known for its fluffiness. Although the toast slices are quite thick, it was nicely toasted and still felt crunchy all over. A spoonful of castor sugar is also given at the side of the plate to dip the toast with and one bite instantly brought back the childhood memories. With that said, do kids nowadays still use lunch box, inside containing peanut butter or butter sandwich with castor sugar? I doubt so lol.


Anyway, Kiah Hong’s kaya is really delicious and packed with rich coconut fragrance, a lot better when compared to the mass produced kaya in the market. The secret of Kiah Hong’s kaya lies in the fact that it is steamed for long hours (5am to 3pm) instead of cooked on fire. If you take a peek at their kitchen you will notice the large steamer, used 3 times a week to prepare the kaya. So if you want any better tasting kaya, I guess you will have to cook it yourself.


If you like the kaya you will be happy to know you can actually buy it from Kiah Hong. They are available at small (RM1.70), medium (RM3) and large (RM3.50). Shown here is the large tub, about 3×3 inches in size. I bought a large tub home and currently having it for breakfasts. It goes really well with those ping pong cream crackers.


Kiah Hong can be found at the end (or beginning?) of Madras Lane (Wikimapia) as a corner coffee shop. If you are driving along McAlister Road AWAY FROM Komtar’s direction, it will be on your right just after Lorong Kinta and before Jalan Zainal Abidin. GPS Coordinates: N5 24.935 E100 19.548

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