Dim Sum Buffet @ Janbo Restaurant, Sri Petaling

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ATTENTION: Some readers commented that this restaurant has closed (business ended), or the buffet is no more. I am not sure myself because I have never went back after the first visit. Please take not and refer to the comments for more info..

I had a dim sum buffet for brunch last weekend in Janbo Restaurant. Janbo has a few branches but the one I went is located in Seri Petaling.

dim sum buffet

I think Janbo’s dim sum buffet is quite cheap for RM13.50 RM15++ per pax. Although it’s buffet concept, the dim sum is not placed at a designated spot for customers to retrieve. Instead, you place your order at the table to the waiters.

dim sum

There are 40 items to choose from the menu which includes dim sum either steamed or fried, noodles, porridge and dessert. The dim sum which sounds and looks the nicest is the Shark Fin’s Siu Mai. From what I tasted, it seemed they gave real sharks fin.. not tong fun lol. Taste wise it was quite disappointing.. I felt the dumplings were a bit under seasoned. But we still took a few baskets of it, just for the Sharks Fins. Hah!

chicken siu mai

Chicken Siu Mai, weird translation because in Chinese had a glamorous name – crystal chicken crown dumpling.

celery siu mai

This was the best tasting dim sum for me that day – siu mai wrapped in dumpling skin made from spinach.

prawn dumpling

Har Gao (prawn dumpling) was nice too. All the food I’ve shown so far was for our first round only lol.

chee cheong fun

Our second round started with a small serving of fresh prawn chee cheong fun.


Followed by some steamed prawn rolls.

salad cream prawn

Salad Cream Prawn.. good stuff. It didn’t have the strong recycled oil’s smell.

luohan longan

Then we ended with a dessert of luohan, winter melon and longan. It was served warm. You could add ice and it still tastes quite sweet. There are a whole lot more dim sum we had but I don’t think I will show them one by one here. If you are planning to order Chinese tea, please know that it’s RM2 per person. Something that surprised me was the low 3% service charge. And I thought all restaurants charge at least 5% for service.


Janbo’s dim sum isn’t spectacular but it surely beats quite a number of dim sum restaurants I’ve been to. And for the cheap price of RM13.50, you get to eat all the dim sum you want. Frankly, it’s a really good deal. And if you know any other restaurants that have dim sum buffet, please leave me a comment and let me know!

22-24, Jalan Radin Tengah,
Seri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur

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