Dragon-I Restaurant @ Queensbay

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I’ve been longing to try Dragon-I but have been put off by the expensive price of the food. It was not until I received my second Advertlets payout then only I decided to dine in Queensbay’s Dragon-I. Seriously, Dragon-I has a very good marketing strategy. They put up a glass before the entrance at all restaurants where you can see the chefs prepare noodles and meat dumplings. It always draws passer-bys and I am always one of them. So, kinda happy that I get to fulfill my curiosity finally. And the meal can be considered free because of the extra money, lol.

Steamed Meat Dumpling

Steamed meat dumplings (siu long pao) is a must. Siang Leng always laugh at my lack of skills in eating siu long pao. Because I can never successfully finish a piece without the soup leaking out of the dumplings. I am very clumsy lol. The dumplings are priced at RM8 for four pieces.

steamed rice

I ordered the Steamed Rice with Chicken, Mushroom and Chinese Sausage @ RM14. The serving is huge and I had to really dig deep to finish the rice, suitable for those with bigger appetites. The wooden bowl looks nice right?

La Mian With Braised Pork Rib

Come to Dragon-I, of course must try one of their self-proclaimed famous Shanghai La Mian. But I found their Braised Pork Ribs La Mian @ RM14 so so only. Maybe the others are nicer. I noticed the staff here is quite clumsy. Throughout the dinner I already heard plates and spoons break on the floor at least 3-4 times.. butterfingers lol.

red bean paste pancake

Then we couldn’t resist ordering one of their many available desserts. Red bean paste pancake @ RM10, which is actually more expensive than the siu long pao! Crispy on the ouside but soft and sweet inside, nice. Best if taken warm so don’t order this too early.

Honey Dew Sago

We didn’t order any drinks because we wanted to leave some space for the Honey Dew Sago cream. It was excellent! You couldn’t see the sagos because they are hidden under the shaved ice. It’s a bit pricey though, at RM8. Ah, curiosity fulfilled. To be honest I won’t be returning any time soon because a meal like this could be much more affordable if eaten somewhere else like Shanghai Ding Tai Feng. But then, the extra cost is needed for the decorations, classy designs and to pay the chefs who put up a show before the entrance.

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