Durian Attack!!

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It’s the durian season yo, my family has been eating it non-stop since like a month ago. When I was young I didn’t like it, in fact I feel that the people who liked this fruit must be a freak or someting lol. But dunno what struck me suddenly, I fell in love in this heavenly fruit. I remembered I craved for durian so badly that Shang Jun and I went to buy in Dengkil on a motorbike. We bought 2 sacks of durians and I had to carry it on my thigh with both hands, really crazy. When we reached home, Wen Fong and Kheng Kait would quickly hide into their rooms, lol. Ahh.. those MMU days..


So yesterday my parents went on a durian shopping spree in BM and Perai. They bought this special variation of the fruit called “Udang Merah” that cost RM50, for 2!!

IMG_11821 IMG_11871

The flesh was orangish, very tender and juicy. In total 2 druians had 24-25 fruits in them, so 1 fruit alone cost RM2!! That’s already the price for a durian kampung!


They filled up this 1.5L ice-cream container nicely


We also bought 6 durian kampung for RM15. I personally prefer this variation the most, it’s the cheapest around too.

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