Eel Fish Ball Noodle @ Heng Seng Coffeeshop

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Heng Seng Coffeeshop located along Jalan Kapitan Keling (formerly known as Pitt Street) sells very nice fish ball soup. You must be thinking what’s so special about fish ball soup? The answer is the ingredient used to make the fish balls – eel. Also, Heng Seng produces the fish balls themselves. Anyway if you are sushi lover you will know eel is also known as unagi in Japanese.

eel fish ball noodle

I came to know this eel fish ball noodle last year during the Chinese New Year street festival held in the area. At that time I didn’t get to try it because there were too many people in the shop. Finally I get to taste it approximately a year later.

unagi fish ball soup

Since the specialty is the eel fish ball, I ordered a bowl with extra fish balls. And surprisingly it cost only RM2.50. It is darn cheap don’t you think? I don’t think you can find the same food with such price in Penang anymore. The sliced minced pork is also very tasty. Too bad I didn’t know this or I’d have asked for more too. One taste of the clear, sweet tasting soup and I already know it is cooked with real ingredients and not MSG laden.

eel fish ball stall

The noodle here was awarded one of the best street food in Penang. You could see the news being shown in the poster put up in front of the stall. It is a pity that Heng Seng’s eel fish ball noodle does not receive as much publicity compared to other Penang hawker food. Because after Googling around I only found a few food bloggers who mentioned this place. Well I think they really deserve more.

heng seng coffee shop

To get here, head to Jalan Kapitan Keling and follow the main road until you see a junction to Armenian Street. You will see the coffee shop on your left right before the junction. After eating you could take a walk around the area which is very popular with tourists for the many Chinese temples and unique clan houses. Any visitor to Penang cannot afford to miss Khoo Kongsi.

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