Enorme Italian Restaurant @ PJ Centrestage, Section 13


Once you see the size of the largest pizza Enorme has to offer, you will understand the reason behind the restaurant’s name. Enorme means enormous in Italian, and that’s the biggest portion size (21-inch) they offer for their wood-fired pizza, with the other two being extra small and large.


Since there were only two of us, it didn’t make sense to get their Enorme pizza. But from what I saw being served to larger group of customers, they weren’t exaggerating one bit about the size – it is big enough to be shared among four to six people.


To be safe, most of the food we ordered was based on the manager’s recommendation. Starting the meal with a hearty soup, the Zuppa Di Mare (Italian Fish & Seafood Stew) was delicious and brimming with a variety of fresh seafood such as tiger prawns, crab meat, cod fish, squid and venus clams.
Looking at the generous amount of ingredients used in this single serving, its price tag of RM38 is justified. And one thing I really liked about this stew is that they only used crab claw meat with its shape intact. It really made the stew more appealing, both visually and tastefully.


If you like thin crust pizza, I am pretty sure you’d love the pizzas made at Enorme. Every pizza is freshly prepared to order and baked in a wood-fired brick oven to bring out the unique and distinctive aroma in the crust.


Apart from being one of the signature pizzas here, the Carbonara Pizza (RM13, extra small) is also one of the best sellers, and it’s not hard to see why.
The lashings of savoury crisp streaky bacon marries perfectly with the creamy mozarella and silky egg yolk at the center. It was simply one of the best pizzas I have had in a while.


Another pizza we sampled was the Tonna Mornay (RM13, extra small) which had tuna, caramelised onion, sun-dried tomatoes and capers. This was good as well but nowhere as good the Carbonara Pizza.


For second course, a good selection of meat is available such as baby spring chicken, lamb, ribeye or fish. And as expected from any decent Italian restaurant, pork is available too. Enorme’s char-grilled bone-in US Pork Rack @ RM51 is perfectly tender and juicy in the middle despite being a thick cut.
A baked tomato and orzo (risoto like short-cut pasta) with green pea accompany this tempting-looking dish. The orzo was wonderfully cooked and surprisingly satisfying – it was firm and chewy with a bite.

Enorme Desserts

Dessert wise, the Passion Fruit Granita @ RM16 should appeal to those who like strong and zesty flavour. But Enorme’s Deconstructed Tiramisu @ RM19 simply falls flat for me.
They need to work on the presentation and consider reducing the amount of cream – because even though it tastes like tiramisu, the proportioning was not good. I was told that people either like or hate the Deconstructed Tiramisu, so I guess I am on the latter side.



All in all, Enorme is a cozy and spacious restaurant that’s worth visiting just for the wood-fired pizzas alone. Price wise it’s inexpensive and affordable enough to be a daily lunch joint.
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Enorme Italian Restaurant
P-G-20, Podium PJ Centrestage
1, Jalan 13/1, Section 13 PJ
Tel: 03-7661 0651
Business hours: 10am to 12am

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