My Europe Trip 2010 – Venice, Italy

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Dusk, evening and the time that follows after that should be the most quietest in Venice. You won’t see many tourists around and the locals just do not stay here anymore due to the rising sea water. Some buildings are so submerged that they are not fit for staying already.


Where are the people? It looks like a dead town don’t you think?


The Basilica Santa Maria (building behind) as seen during dusk.


Since there isn’t much to do, we thought touring the city so what not better than seeing Venice at night on a boat? For this, we bought a boat pass for €18 that gives unlimited boat rides on the local water bus for the next 72 hours.


However, we found out later that the water bus operators do not check for any passes because of the number of passengers. So if you are willing to risk you could actually ride the boats free if you wanted to. Just don’t blame me for the consequences, heh.


One of the few casinos in Venice.


The building on the left is the Venezia Santa Lucia railway station, one of the two most important railway station in Venice. Because Venice has two railway stations, you could be confused on which to take to your next destination. But I will tell you this simply – Santa Lucia is connecting Venice to the mainland via the Liberty Bridge. So in order for you to get to your next destination outside Italy like for example Vienna, you will need to board the train at Venezia Mester, which is actually a junction station. And then, the building on the right is the Scalzi Church.



This is the newest bridge at Venice called the Constitution Bridge over the Grand Canal that links Piazzale Roma to the city. You need to walk on this bridge at least once. The view from here is not bad.


A large cruise ship docking at the Venice Cruise Terminal.


A beautiful lit cafe operating just next to a water bus station.

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