My Europe Trip 2010 – Venice, Italy

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After a long, relaxing boat ride we decided to take a walk in the maze like streets. The streets feel very lonely and dark with little light but we still felt safe. Always carry a map in case you get lost, or better still, always ask for directions. Here, a cornered cafe is still open serving a few customers.


A small girl busy choosing for a Venetian Mask at a souvenir stall as her mother looks on.


Next day, the weather took a bad turn. It was cloudy and drizzled for the entire day. It definitely dampened our mood because all our pictures looked dull. The first thing we did was visiting the most popular landmark in Venice, the Piazza San Marco.


It is a public square where you could also find the great church of St Mark. Too bad for us the church was undergoing some repair works on the facade hence the scaffolding that was pretty much an eye sore.


To enter the church you need to be decently dressed and no camera is allowed. If you are carrying one and plan to visit the church, you may want to deposit it at a locker room nearby first. You wouldn’t want to caught in a situation where you are told your camera is not allowed inside, and you need to get off the queue just deposit it and then find yourself having to queue all over again later. And not to mention the queue is super long too.
Anyway, the locker service is free but they do accept donations. Honestly speaking the church did not amaze me a lot because I have already visited so many other magnificent ones prior to that. But don’t take my words for it, this is still a must visit place in Venice.


A small girl seems to be excited to be surrounded by pigeons. Venice is full of pigeons and I hate them. I got hit by their droppings, twice! Talk about bad luck…


Not far away from the public square is a stretch of flea market selling T-shirts mostly.

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