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My Europe Trip 2010 – Venice, Italy



One of the many bronze statues in the vicinity.




Further down the flea market is a water bus station that takes you to the nearby islands like Lido, Cavallino etc. We did not have a clue what the other islands offer so we just simply picked a destination, and we chose Lido island out of its name, it just felt familiar.


San Giogio Maggiore is one of the other islands that can be seen along the way. It is known for its library and an open-air theatre. Unfortunately the rain got heavier once we touched down at Lido so there was nothing much we could do. We just bought some food at Lido’s Billa supermarket and went back to the city. And so it was back to exploring the city on foot and I am just going to show some random photos of the things we saw. There isn’t really much to see or do here besides hanging out, really.


A father and his daughters walking past a sidewalk cafe on a tiny street.


Rows of shops selling mostly the same things especially Murano Glass. Good luck hunting for your perfect piece.


A quiet church.


You won’t find these spigots as often as you do in Rome. But when you do find one that is so deserted like this, it’s almost feels like striking gold. The water is still as refreshing and cooling as ever.


A local grocery store. Notice the number? That’s a very good indication on the number of shops and houses along the maze-like streets.

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