My Europe Trip 2010 – Venice, Italy

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Being next to the sea, abundance of seafood can be found in Venice. Thinking back we probably should have tried the seafood. Of course it is easy to think like this at this point of time, but when we were there all we could think of is to save as much Euros as we could. They are not exactly cheap you know.



Some of the many unique looking homes in Venice. You simply won’t find any identical looking buildings here.


Interesting carvings on the wall.


An interesting door knob shaped like a mask.


A hotel located along the waterway. The height of the bridge is just nice for the gondolas to get past.


An overview of the Grand Canal as seen from the Constitution Bridge.


A gondola man waiting for his next passenger to get on the boat.


Strolling in the streets of quaint Venice.


A hotel that is only accessible by boat.


Workers unloading goods from their boats.


Skeptical gondola man is skeptical.


When we were finally tired of walking, we went back to taking the water bus and just went where ever it brought us to. Let me just say that Venice would feel boring if compared to the previous cities we visited, especially Rome. But to be fair it our time spent here was kind of relaxing too. And come to think of it, isn’t vacations supposed to be relaxing, rather than rushing through the itinerary?
For the next few days the rain continued to follow us where ever we were heading to and worse still, it got heavier. Just when we thought the bad weather is the only spoiler, the night train we were supposed to ride to Vienna (Austria) arrived a few hours late, and a passenger even stole my mobile phone while we were asleep. So, yet another lesson to be shared here – keep all your belongings close with you no matter how cheap, lousy or old they might seem. Because thieves just don’t care.

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