Excellent Coffee @ espressoLAB, Solaris Dutamas (Publika)

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Words have it that espressoLAB at Solaris Dutamas (Publika) serves excellent coffee. And I can testify to that. I am not going to compare with the others I had visited previously, but man the coffee here is just so good. For once I could really taste a notably difference in the brew, especially the deep flavor and rich aroma.



Just so you know, the espressoLAB here is mainly a coffee workshop conducting coffee awareness and appreciation to normal consumers like you and me. Because of that the shop is minimalist in style, with only a handful of tables and chairs around. Food wise there is none, so do fill your tummy elsewhere first before coming. And if you have read from somewhere that they serve simple food like pie or sandwich, well I can tell you that is not true at all. I even double-checked with the staff on this.


The coffee menu here is slightly different from what you would expect. There are no familiar names like Latte or Cappucino to be found but just the cup size and the ounces of milk in each cuppa. Basically each cup of coffee here starts with a shot of espresso, then added with milk (eg. 5 or 7 oz) according to your liking. The coffees are reasonably priced too (RM7-12) so you definitely won’t get a bill shock here.



The people behind espressoLAB are also well-qualified in making your coffee. Its director, JH Yee is a SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe) certified barista and has represented Malaysia in the Asia Barista challenge, which he finished as the 2nd runner up. Quite an achievement don’t you think?


Do try the Affogato @ RM12 too. Although this is actually a beverage, it feels more like a dessert to me. For the uninitiated, this is merely a shot of hot espresso topped with a scoop of chocolate/vanilla ice cream (usually vanilla gelato in Italy). It does not taste bitter at all and we really enjoyed the creamy and strong coffee flavor.


In a month or so (around mid-June 2012) espressoLAB would be opening two new branches at Midvalley The Gardens and The Curve respectively. These two new shops would be a fully fledged cafe so food will be definitely available by then.

espressoLAB (WWW)
D1-G4-6, Solaris Dutamas (closed on Sunday if the Publika flea market is not open)
Tel: 03-6211 0662

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