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F1 Chops Steaks Restaurant @ IOI Mall, Puchong


F1 Restaurant was one of my favorite western food restaurants during my uni days. The restaurant’s selling point is none other than using the famous F1 drivers and teams’ name in their menu. You would see Ferrari Mixed Grill, Honda Mixed Grill, Mercedes Mixed Grill and even Schumacher’s favorite!
Just the restaurant’s unique theme was enough to attract customers a few years back. Moreover, that time Sepang’s F1 racing circuit just opened so it did generate some amount of buzz. It did make me wonder if the F1 boss really opened the restaurant lol. Shown below is Ferrari Mixed Grill, my favorite dish.

ferrari mixed grill

The Ferrari Mixed Grill @ RM20.80 consists of three types of meat, from left to right: Grilled Chicken, Sirloin Steak, Lamb Chop and a frankfurter. Each meat has their very own sauce, like mushroom for chicken, black pepper for lamb and brown sauce for the steak.

ferrari mixed grill

It also has mashed potato and some vegetables as side dish. But the mashed potato really sucked – not smooth and creamy at all, even the sauce tasted weird. Also, none of the meats really stood out.. I only enjoyed the lamb chop the most even though I am not really a black pepper fan. If you prefer to have seafood as part of the main, you may opt for Mercedes Mixed Grill which has Norwegian Salmon.

garlic chicken chop

You could never go wrong with a ol’ trusty Garlic Chicken Chop @ RM12.80. Only a really bad chef could screw up such a simple dish lol.

garlic chicken chop

The generous amount of fries will make any big eater full.


Plain water is not free here, it costs RM0.50 per glass! Next to it is a ice blended strawberry @ RM5.00. Instead of giving more strawberries they used more ice. So, the taste was rather diluted.

Puchong F1 restaurant

Kinda sad actually that the food’s quality dropped quite a lot in just 2 years’ time. I also noticed the business is not as good as it used to be. Before it moved into IOI Mall in Puchong the food was good and ambience was great – they would hang lights around the restaurant creating a rather unique atmosphere. I still prefer the F1 when it was operating beside the ever busy LDP, sigh. I just hope the branch at Serdang Raya is still maintaining the standards.

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