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Fend Ikan Bakar @ SS5, Petaling Jaya


After trying so many ikan bakar around town, I still consider Fend Ikan Bakar as one of the bests. Their delicious hot and spicy sauce is the main reason I would recommend anyone to try the ikan bakar here.
But of course, the ikan bakar itself is pretty good and well-marinated. Although I was slightly disappointed with my last visit in which they burnt my pari (stingray), this time it was all good!

Fend-Tilapia-Bakar Fend Ikan Bakar

For a meatier meal, go for the Tilapia bakar. Each set comes with rice, spicy and asam sauce with the option of adding ulam as a side. After so many years, I am glad that they still manage to maintain the quality of the food. As long as the fish does not gets burnt, I am pretty sure you won’t go wrong here.

Ikan-Keli-Fend Ikan Bakar

Keli bakar was good, the meat was soft and tender without being mushy at all. Besides ikan bakar, ayam bakar is also available if seafood is not really your thing.

Kerang-Bakar Fend Ikan Bakar

This time we also tried their kerang bakar which comes in a bowl. If I remember correctly it was about RM6 per serving. This is seriously some addictive stuff, best eaten with hands for that satisfying experience. Just forget about fork and spoon ok?

Sirap-Bandung Fend Ikan Bakar

Sirap Bandung is not all that unusual but I highly recommend you to try Fend’s. It doesn’t only look good but taste great as well to cool off the heat after a spicy meal. I think it’s called Sirap Bandung Meletup because of the shape of the shaved ice on top of the drink.

Kerang-Bakar-Fend Ikan Bakar

Fend Ikan Bakar

The restaurant was quite busy even during off dining hours. Rows of fish were still being grilled and ordered by customers who came for late lunch.

Fend Ikan Bakar SS5

Due to high rental cost at their previous location, Fend Ikan Bakar has relocated to Jalan SS5B just next to BSN since late 2013. Even though the current location is not as bustling, it doesn’t seem to affect their business. Most of their loyal customers are willing to travel a bit further for their delicious grilled fish.

Restoran Fend Ikan Bakar
24, Jalan SS5B/2
47301 Petaling Jaya

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