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Ferringhi Garden Restaurant @ Batu Ferringhi, Penang


If you like dining in nature then you would appreciate the lush greenery at Ferringhi Garden. This award winning restaurant at Batu Ferringhi offers one of the finest restaurant ambience in Penang, perfect for any kind of occassion, may it be with family, your significant other or friends.


I am not boasting when I say this is one of the most beautiful restaurant I have visited thus far. For first time visitors I am sure you would be impressed by the restaurant’s sense of tranquility and beauty. Recently more and more restaurants like this are opening up in Penang, which I feel is a good thing. But only if the food is equally good, that would have been great.


The alfresco seating area is brighter and more comfortable but it also means you are more exposed to mosquitoes. During rainy days, or even when it’s just dark and cloudy, customers would be advised to sit within the restaurant.


Fresh orchids on every dining table.


Some complimentary appetizers before the arrival of main course, very cheesy and tasted not bad at all.


Ferringi Garden focuses more on Western style dishes and you could expect different kind of meat and fresh seafood here. My Surf and Turf was not cheap @ RM85.80 but at least it came with a big lobster instead of the usual tiger prawns. The cheese baked lobster was perhaps the best thing about this dish, its flesh tasted fresh and succulent.


The steak was not bad, nicely cooked but it certainly was nothing worth shouting about.


SL’s had the Catch of the Day @ RM45.80, a grilled fish fillet served with tangy orange sauce.


I felt it was just OK, could be better if they were more generous with the sauce. The fish, despite being really fresh and perfectly cooked, was kind of bland on its own and had to rely heavily on the sauce for the extra flavor. Not enough seasoning maybe?


And now more photos of the gorgeous restaurant.


Our visit was during Chinese New Year hence the lion dance costume as decorations.


The more friends and family-oriented dining area.



And the more romantic section, which is also darker. This is at a separated seating area from the ones shown earlier.


Ferringhi Garden might not be the best all-around restaurant in Penang but it would surely create some memorable moments for you and your fellow companions while dining here. So even though the food was average at best and pricey I still enjoyed the time spent here.

Ferringhi Garden Restaurant
34C, Batu Ferringhi, 11100 Penang
GPS Coordinates: N5 28.234 E100 14.721
Tel: 04-8811193

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