Food @ Swatow Lane


I was brought to Swatow Lane last year by my parents and it gave me a very deep impression immediately. This place is like any coffee shop you will find in Penang, with an exception: they serve really nice ais kacang.
Thirst quenching Ais Kacang, best served in a hot afternoon, a normal bowl costs RM2.00. If you compare this with the one sold in Lorong Selamat (can be found in my earlier post here) you will definitely notice the difference in the quantity of ingredients being served as I said before :)
To find this place, IMO the easiest way is to locate McAllister Road, then look for either Abu Siti Lane or Lorong Selamat, across these two lanes is Lorong Swatow already.
IMG_0575 Curry mee, tastes good. The stall owner changed already since I last went.
Loh Bak.. nothing special, BM ones taste better lol. Ordered for a friend because she never tasted them before ;)
IMG_05761 Fried Oysters is great, quite cheap too at a reasonable RM4.00 per plate. The frying style of this particular stall is quite different, he fries the oysters and eggs separately then only he places the oysters on top of the egg (as seen on pic) I think this is the only stall selling at such low price (for lesser quantity too of course) Other stalls in Penang seem to be selling starting from at least RM6.00 for the smallest plate.

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  1. The best ice Kacang I ever had is from JB in Taman Pelangi. The ice is super fine, and the chocolate syrup is so rich. After trying that, all other ice kacang taste suck to me.


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