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Segambut Fried Chicken Rice (Tai Shue Tao)


As far as food is concerned, the famous Yu Ai Seafood Noodle is usually on top of the list when Segambut is mentioned. But the noodles is quite expensive and not many people could afford it on a regular basis. Besides, I find the flavor too reliant on liberal use of MSG so I am not too much of a fan.
A better alternative in my opinion would be this Segambut Fried Chicken Rice stall, which is just a stone’s throw away from Yu Ai. By the way, have you noticed how many good food out there are located under huge trees? This is one of them.


The workers will assume that most customers would want the whole leg portion because it is the most popular order around here. But you do have a choice of chicken thigh or rib that are considerably cheaper by a few ringgit. Within a minute of placing our order, the fried chicken and rice were already delivered to our table – that’s how efficient they are.


A single serving of fried whole chicken leg, rice and chinese tea cost RM8. Not the cheapest fried chicken in town but definitely worth it because the portion is exactly a quarter of a chicken. You just need to compare this with a drumstick portion of the average chicken rice nowadays. I could still remember it was RM6.50 a year ago.


The lady boss is in charge of the kitchen and she is constantly frying the chicken so they are always fresh and warm. Like any fried chicken, the flavors are concentrated at the skin part. And judging from the fragrant aroma and taste, I think the seasoning should be a mixture of five spice powder and turmeric without any coating of flour. So with little to no flour used to deep fry it, the fried chicken is definitely not as crispy as KFC’s Hot and Spicy so you can’t expect the same crunchiness. But don’t worry the crispness is still there, it tastes just about right and not so oily too.


And to complete it off, their home made chilli sauce – tailor made to complement the fried chicken and rice. It tastes almost like what you would get any chicken rice stalls, just that this has a stronger vinegar flavor to it.


The kitchen at the back of the makeshift stall, which is as bare it could get with just a couple of tables and chairs around.


A list of the items available here along with their prices is plastered at the kitchen side.


To reach here, using Yu Ai Seafood Noodle as the landmark, if it is on your left there would be a traffic light right in front of you. Take the right turn at the junction followed by a left immediately. The stall will be on your left under some trees next to a garage like building.

Segambut Fried Chicken Rice
Somewhere at the intersection of Persiaran Segambut Tengah and Jalan Segambut Hilir
GPS Coordinates: N3 11.091 E101 40.649
Business hours: 11am to 3pm, off days not fixed

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