Fried Oyster (O Chien) @ CH Coffee Shop, Bukit Mertajam


I miss blogging about my hometown’s food. For those who don’t know where I am from, it’s Bukit Mertajam – a small town on the mainland of Penang. Now that I am home for the holidays, it is time for food hunting again. There is a saying in the Chinese community that good food can always be found near temples. Come to think of it, that saying is quite true especially in small towns, like mine.
The most famous temple in BM would be Pek Kong Cheng which is situated right in the center of the town, just next to the wet market. In the morning, there are plenty of food stalls in the catering for the local marker goers and workers with some being the most famous ones in town like the white wantan mee, koay chap, prawn noodle and many more. Come night, it turns into a popular supper spot with new food stalls that operate until midnight.


My latest discovery is a Fried Oyster stall that is manned by a young man in his 20s. I seldom return to BM nowadays so I didn’t even realize the stall which he has been operating for almost 5 years. His style of fried oyster is true to the northern Malaysian style, in which the eggs are fried into thin pieces then folded on top of each other followed by the oysters. The smallest portion costs RM7 and consists of two eggs and roughly 8-10 oysters. There are a few large sized oysters while the rest are medium to small but nothing too tiny, so not bad at all.


I like the fact that he uses the starch very sparingly so the omelette does not feel chewy and taste jelak at all. Also, since the oysters are fried separately after the eggs, they do not shrink and become dry. And of course the oysters are not fried just on plain oil, as a spoonful of homemade spices is added on them to give them more flavor. As for the chilli sauce, it is homemade as well and compliments the omelette nicely rather than overwhelming it.


The boss is a down to earth and soft spoken guy. He learnt the trade from his father who is also selling the same thing at Sungai Petani. So this is actually a branch.


The stall is open daily from 6.30 to midnight and he only rests for a day in every two weeks. Location wise, it is on the left of Pek Kong Cheng, in front of CH coffee shop.

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  1. Pek Kong Cheng @ BM is a food haven at night.
    I’ve tried many of the stalls there including this fried oyster stall.
    Nowadays I go 4 my dinner @ the stall directly under the stage. It is along the same road leading 2 the O – Chien stall. It sells economical rice.
    The sambal stir-fried vege is delicious!
    U can choose from kangkong, sweet potato leaves, bean sprout shoots & asparagus.
    The Teochew- styled steam fish is delicious.
    The lady boss is oso very friendly.
    The prices r reasonable 2.

  2. You from BM? That’s my hometown as well. Cool. Yeah the food there is awesome. Nothing in KL can beat it. Even if it has the name Penang in front of it.


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