Haagen Dazs Chocolate Fondue @ Autocity

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I have only tasted Haagen Dazs‘ ice cream once! And the very reason I got to eat at Haagen Dazs is because my brother got an unexpected bonus for his good performance at work. To be honest, Haagen Dazs’ ice cream is really expensive and it is not something I’d eat very often. Even a single scoop cost like RM9 already. We do buy a pint of Haagen Dazs ice cream once in a while. But my mom and sister would finish it before I could even have a spoon lol. And since it was my brother’s treat, we chose to have the chocolate fondue!

haagen dazs chocolate fondue

It took quite some time for the chocolate fondue to arrive but it was well worth the wait. We were so excited when it finally arrived lol. The chocolate fondue is clearly a popular item in Haagen Dazs, as I saw most of the customers ordered it. Regardless of them being family, friends or couples.

haagen dazs fondue

As usual, they have to wait for me to quickly snap a few photos before they can start eating hehe.

haagen dazs ice cream balls

14 scoops of ice cream are given and the flavors consist of strawberry (or was it rasberry?) coffee, chocolate and vanilla. I am not sure if you are allowed to choose the ice cream flavors. we didn’t give any specifications so we just took what we were given. It’d be really nice if were allowed to choose the flavors don’t you think?

fondue cake and cookies

Other things you can dip in the chocolate fondue are fruits (banana, green apple, strawberry) chocolate love letters, chocolate chip cookies and a orange cake cubes. Ice cream aside, I enjoyed the chocolate cookies and cake cubes the most. Chocolate cookies dipped in melted chocolate, so chocolatey it’s just wonderful!

green apple dip

Since Haagen Dazs was generous with the amount of melted chocolate given, we didn’t hold back with the dipping. A small light is placed under the ceramic pot to keep the chocolate stay melted.

chocolate dip

Throughout the fondue meal the ice cream balls didn’t melt a bit, they must be really well frozen! When the ice cream is dipped into the melted chocolate, the chocolate slowly hardens and forms a nice coating of chocolate. Before the chocolate fully hardens you gotta dip it into the peanuts.

ice cream with chocolate and peanuts

Then you will get something like this :D The chocolate fondue is really good! So good that I kept scraping the remaining chocolate left in the pot using the fork lol.

haagen dazs

I have forgotten how much the chocolate fondue cost, paiseh! But based on what I’ve Googled around, the price should be RM62.90 after tax. The price went up 30-40% in just a span of two years! It was only RM44++ from other older reviews. So, if you plan to try Haagen Dazs chocolate fondue, better do it quick lol. The portion is a big huge for two but just nice if shared among four.

haagen dazs autocity

If you are wondering, we had the chocolate fondue at Autocity. And no, I didn’t purposely travel back to Penang just to eat this. This was even before I came to SK lol. By the way, Haagen Dazs’ outlet in Autocity is just beautiful :)

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