Little Fat Duck is now Halal

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Little Fat Duck Halal Food Truck Italian French Cuisine

Little Fat Duck Halal Food Truck Italian French Cuisine

Halal Italian and French cuisine

From just a food truck serving pastas, Little Fat Duck has proven to be not so little after all. What started off as a simple idea of bringing affordable Italian and French cuisine to the locals, they were surprised to find that Malaysians really do enjoy their cuisine as much as their local delicacies.

As the love for their food has grown in such a short period, Little Fat Duck wanted to further expand their market to be able to cater to every single individual living in Malaysia. Hence, their latest accomplishment of making their food officially Halal.

In a nation where the majority of its citizens are Muslims, this was the next logical step.

Malaysians’ go-to restaurant

“We have always wanted everyone to be able to afford and enjoy our food hence the low prices without skimping on its taste and flavor. We also want everyone to feel comfortable and confident whenever they decide to consume any of our products. In order to achieve this, the Halal certification was the next step in our efforts for a more sustainable brand image of being the go-to Italian and French cuisine for everyone and anyone in Malaysia,” said Adel Ishak, co-founder of Little Fat Duck.

Little Fat Duck strives to ensure their brand will always be able to cater to the masses.

Currently, there are 6 outlets across KL and Selangor and the eatery is still growing with plans for expansion in the future. The truck still runs in selective events and is available for caterings starting from RM1200. Food can be delivered with a delivery fee or collected from outlets. Quotations can be requested on their website at

Cheap and Delicious Pastas

Little Fat Duck is synonymously known as the place for getting cheap and delicious pastas in popular malls such as 1Utama and Midvalley. They can also be found in Utropolis Glenmarie, Damen USJ, Tropicana City Mall PJ and Evolve Mall PJ.

Little Fat Duck halal pasta

One of the must have dishes in Little Fat Duck is its chicken confit. It consists of a whole chicken thigh with drumstick that has been marinated for 12 hours and cured for 24 hours before frying and served on a bed of mashed potatoes with a generous helping of brown sauce to finish. The famous spaghetti bolognaise is another one to try. Its rich meaty tomato based sauce made entirely from scratch, seasoned with Italian herbs, lots of juicy tomatoes, fresh veggies and meat makes it to die for and the Carbonara, every diners creamy sauce pasta dream made with a delicious Australian cream sauce. If these aren’t one of your favorites already, there are so many other delicious and affordable dishes to choose from that certainly won’t break the bank.

About Little Fat Duck

Established in June 2014, this 6 outlet chain of eateries can be found in 1Utama, Midvalley, Tropicana City Mall, Evolve Mall, Damen and Utropolis Glenmarie. The Little Fat Duck food truck can be found at selected events and caterings. For more information, please visit Follow us on Facebook at and Instagram at littlefatduckmalaysia.

Adel Ishak : 0163481869
Rayan Ishak : 0132460686

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