Home Made Durian Ice Cream & Ice Kacang @ Kek Seng Coffee Shop


Whenever people ask me for places to eat in Penang, Kek Seng will always be one of my recommendations. Old and nostalgic aside (they still preserve the square wooden tables and chairs), home made durian ice cream is a rarity nowadays and fortunately for us it is still available at Kek Seng. Also, their one of a kind ice kacang topped with ice cream balls and colorful jellies is such an eye candy and a nice treat during hot weathers.


At RM3.50, the default ice cream ice kacang comes with two scoops of random ice cream, which could be strawberry, corn or chocolate flavored. So if you want your ice cream to be durian flavored, remember to specify it. Kek Seng does not skimp on the ingredients, as you can see the ice kacang was flooded with sweet corn and red beans.


Then there’s the jellies or agar-agar, one being a little sour and zesty tasting like lemon and the other being a little sweet. My first time having Kek Seng’s ice kacang was three years ago and I am glad to say the quality is still there. However, it still remains second best to me because of the absence of sarsi flavor. Somehow it did not feel so refreshing compared to the other ice kacang due to this.


I have no idea how anyone could resist this. I must stop looking. Now. lol.


And here’s the thing every durian lover must try – Kek Seng’s famous home made durian ice cream. I won’t compare its texture or smoothness with any branded ice cream that costs 20 bucks for two scoops. Because for a home made one it’s as good as it could get. Flavor wise it beats any durian ice cream you can purchase off the shelves that taste like imitation durian. Kek Seng’s durian ice cream tastes like real durian out of the fridge.


I was told that the Char Koay Teow push stall next to Kek Seng is quite good as well. We gave it a try and concluded that it was above average at best, quite spicy and lacked ‘wok hei’.


Chicken rice was so-so, not bad but nothing great either.



The same goes for the lor bak too, normal tasting at best. Not a bad snack to go with the ice kacang though.


Some coffee shops in Penang are notorious for charging customers who do not order any drinks.. And sadly Kek Seng is one of them. I am not sure if they really enforce it but to me, this is totally unnecessary. Imagine the unhappiness you would cause to your customers just for that extra few cents.



Kek Seng 格成 Coffee Shop – Simply Irresistible Ice Cream & Ice Kacang
382-384 Penang Road
Penang, 10000
Business hours: 11 am to 4.30pm
GPS Coordinates: N5 24.974 E100 19.759

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  1. wow !!!! The ice cream really really looook so nice and sure be very delicious~~~

    Love your blog~ :D
    will continue to visit , looking for more delicious picss, XD

  2. This shop brings back great memories to me too, for I still rmbr those uni days in Penang, when we used to take the bus to Komtar/Prangin Mall and walked out for some ABC and Prawn Mee @ Kek Seng.

  3. I guess growwing up in different places gives us slightly different taste bud.. I’m not really a big fan of durian.. So i opted for without the durian ice cream. maybe thats what made the difference in it..

    however, I don’t deny penang serves the best CKT :)

  4. btw, do try the ice kacang along Jalan Kepong Bahru.. Its one of the best I’ve tasted in a long while.. in terms of ice texture, the ice is superbly fine that it melts in your mouth :)


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