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Pork Noodles @ Restoran Pomander, SS15 Subang Jaya


The Penang Pork Noodles aka Chee Yoke Fun at Restoran Pomander is perhaps one of the best known hawker food stall at SS15 Subang Jaya. Whenever people talk about SS15’s food, either this or the famous SS15 rojak van would be highly recommended.


It is said to be highly inadvisable to come during lunch hour because during the peak it would take more than an hour for your pork noodles to arrive. Which explains why most customers either have a newspaper in hand or a laptop turned on to past time. Even when I was there at 2pm the noodles took about 40 minutes to arrive lol.


Actually the long waiting time is justified because the cook prepares each bowl individually. Plus, he has no helpers other than those who help him to take orders and deliver the noodles. For RM4.50 (the minimum price) you get a fairly large bowl of pork noodles with lots of ingredients thrown in like minced meat, pork liver, sliced lean pork, vegetables and the ever sinful deep fried lard cubes.
With high expectation in mind, I was not really impressed with my first mouthful of the noodles. It was not until I had a sip of the soup with some minced meat, then it hit me – the pork noodles is actually very delicious for the rich, flavorful porky soup. And I bet the flavor was derived by simmering huge amount of pork bones for long hours.


I tried to snap a closer photo of the stall but was disallowed by them for unknown reasons. So if you look at the lower right corner you would notice a stall with green words, that’s the famous pork noodles stall at SS15! Seriously porkilicious, good stuff. But parking and waiting time on the other hand, are the bad stuff. So come early to minimize any possible frustrations.

Restoran Pomander
78, Jalan SS15/4B,
Subang Jaya

GPS Coordinates: N3 04.609 E101.35.343

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  1. There’s also a nice Pork Noodle at Brickfields that my parents will always frequent each weekend. The one that you are reviewing is good and yeah, pork noodle is something that one might need to wait because of the cooking time for each bowl, that’s what I called customization!

  2. I just went and try this today after reading your blog. =) The soup is very nice, sweet but not because of its high sugar content. I guess is like what vkeong said, was boiled for long hours with pork bone. However, the noodles couldn’t fully asorb the soup, made it abit tasteless. And, I think the price has increased as a small pork noodle cost me for RM4.80. Anyhow, i think based on the soup, this is already quite worth to have a try !! ^^

  3. ppl who do not want publicity should not get any actually, but thank for highlighting good foods found in your blog next time I am down in KL I will know where to find all the goodies

    • It’s funny that other bloggers who went with compact cameras were allowed to take photos of their stalls lol. This is actually the 2nd time I am barred from taking photos just because I carry a dslr.. the other restaurant was the Lorong Seratus Curry Mee at SS2.

  4. to save your time , i would also recomend a shop named AH OR pork noodle soup in sunway mentari , somewhere near cash converters , they are both brothers and sisters … they conquered restoran pomander and the one near carefour last time .

  5. you should try OUG pork mee damn a lot of people and is good really good, they been doing business there for almost 25 years and every day there are a lot of people must try most important is no msg.
    the shop is a corner lot next to wet market

  6. i think his is same guy from SS15 corner shop opposite subang parade. i used to stay at the corner shop above when i was student at taylor’s. only one guy with helpers. they disappear when the shop change owner and become a hotel. his pork mee is great. i try it out this week.

  7. I highly not recommend to try this pork noodle since we had a very bad experience last time with their services. Last time when we order the food and it take more than 45 minute then food not yet delivered to us. Then we ask for our food status then we get scolded by them in a rude manner. So Bad service and we never ever go to that shop again…… Be careful

  8. @Richard – I have also been scolded once because I changed sit to the other table!! But I still visited there once in a while, what to do! their pork mee is reli great!!

    The soup is thick and have inert sweetness, not sugar, flows out from the meat. People who don’t like “thick” soup will find this not nice.

  9. Mei Lily like to recommend Sabah Pork noodle at Asiacafe Foodcourt Sunsuria Avenue Kota Damansara Wow!D pork R very Very smooth N tender comes wt sabah chili, aroma n hottie especially d QQQ dry pork noodle comes with a bowl of pork soup price r reasonable only RM 4.80

  10. I have searched 45 mins for this illusive place, garmin gps took me to the right place but there is no pomander. It has changed name, it is now called “Ooi noodle house” they retain the yellow colour though.

  11. You may try out very good pork noodle at Restoran Beh Brothers, Jalan Alor ( 5 shops away from Wong Ah Wah ) stall name 鸿记

  12. tried it and waited 45 minutes with gf and we found out that the ‘nice’ is just a hype. too oily and sweet, and we were just flabbergasted by the amount of ppl waiting for this when one in my place are better than this. one round and wont be going there again. even the other end restaurant is better.

  13. Will never ever go to this place again.
    We were told to wait an hour because many customer.
    Nevertheless we agree since we were not hungry.
    However after an hour wait we realise they were serving to ppl that came later then us. When we ask the serving lady and the owner.
    They reply us very rudely you either wait or u can go.
    We were so angry that we leave.. what kind of service is this.. the food is not free and there are plenty of nicer pork noodle that I eaten before..
    Bad service..

  14. Indeed their service is bad. They r very rude. When u order, they will tell u 20-30 minutes in advance. Their business politeness is zero. I could wait for 20 minutes or more but as a customer, i don’t deserved to be traumatized by silly policing. I lost my appetite when i noticed their arrogance or lansi lan yong aptitude.


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