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Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe @ Sunway Pyramid


Hello Kitty Gourmet Café is the first of its kind in Malaysia and fans can order dishes that bear the character’s appearance. So prepare yourself for a cuteness overload! Located at the ground floor of Oasis Boulevard at Sunway Pyramid, this chic and bright cafe is filled with wood furniture and vivid cushions for a darling, Parisian atmosphere.



There are plenty of adorable Hello Kitty paintings around too and that translates to a lot of photography opportunities. Simply purr-fect for ladies (and guys also? I am not judging) to indulge in selfies too.



Today is the first day they are open and there was already a queue forming outside the cafe as early as 9am. We were lucky enough to be the first batch of customers to enter the cafe because many were asked to return later due to service issues. I think they are still very new and the kitchen is unable to cope with a full house, yet.
Anyway, the cafe actually has two floors – the first floor is where the main kitchen is located while ground floor handles the beverages and payments. Because of this design, you will see the staff walking up and down the narrow staircase to deliver the drinks and food.

Hello Kitty Cafe Malaysia Menu

The menu is influenced by European cuisine and offers around 30+ food items and over two dozens of drinks. It’s surprisingly affordable too with the most expensive item (Striploin Steak) priced at RM36.90.
The food is divided into the usual categories like breakfast, entrees, pasta, mains and there’s also a snack section called “Little Ones”. To view the menu in full resolution, click here.


The Wonderland Waffles @ RM15.90 comes with a pair of Hello Kitty shaped waffles and served with berries, bananas, chocolate sauce, homemade jam and fresh mint. Although it probably won’t blow you away, you’d definitely feel uplifted by its meticulous presentation.


It’s not great, but the Three B’s @ RM25.90 should be good enough to leave you satisfied. Made up of a trio of beef, chicken and soft-shell crab, these burgers are served in crunchy mini buns with caramelised onions, horseradish mayo and normal and sweet potato fries. The chicken one was our favourite, followed by soft-shell crab and beef.


Oven Baked Tomatoes @ RM19.90 served with their signature kitty pink toast in Le Cruissent to dip with. Taste wise it’s not bad, somewhat similar to pizza. But looking at the portion and ingredients used, I think it might be a better idea to top up a few buck and get the Three B’s instead.

Hello Kitty Cafe Coffee and Waffle

Hello Kitty Cafe Cappuccino and Soup

Coffee’s good here and not overpriced – expect RM9 to RM14 for a cuppa here. And if you are wondering about the soup, it was complimentary because we had to wait almost three hours (!!!) for our Oven Baked Tomatoes to be served.




While waiting for your food to arrive (trust me it’s going to take a while) do explore the cafe on both floors to see the selection of cakes, candies and macaroons available that’s not listed in the menu.


Since the macaroons are not exactly cheap at about RM9 each, we only sampled two of the many flavours available. The texture could be better but the good thing is that the sweetness is just spot on.



No mascot here yet but the Hello Kitty balloon would do for the time being. Don’t leave without taking a photo with it first okay? And now, the photo dump:













Lastly, if you ask me if Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe is worth coming for, my answer is “Yes” even if you are not a fan. Although there might be many cafes in town that sport a similar concept, this one has a more ‘magical’ touch to it.
The only downside you need to be aware about is that you might need to spend at least 3 hours for a meal – most of the time waiting for your food and bill to arrive. So if you are not prepared to wait that long (or wait in line to enter), then my suggestion is to wait for the hype to cool off first. By that time, hopefully their kitchen would be more experienced to handle orders more efficiently.



Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe (next to Caffe Bene)
Lot 083.F.6, Oasis Boulevard
Ground Floor Sunway Pyramid
Tel: 03-5612 7703
Business hours: Mon – Fri (10am to 11pm)
Sat – Sun (10am to 1am)

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  1. I been told by my niece that some friends experienced bad service but I told her it’s becoz of newly operation & overwhelming crowd. So I decided to pay a visit with a loyal Hello Kitty fan.
    OMG !!! Service was horrible … All staff are absolutely blur about everything. Unable to explain menu, served wrongly 2x, order taken but computer not able to track. Served coffee without teasp etc… List go on !!! For the price of a tiny slice of cake cost more than RM20, I would expect a excellent service. Unfortunately it was worst than a mamak stall service. One last thing, the coffee & cakes taste horrible. Coffee cakes has no coffee taste & texture is a normal sponge cake. My friend had stomach discomfort after consuming the ice cappuccino.

    • Worst service ever! Staff shouting at each other no respect of themselves. No proper training at all dirty environment waiters cant’ even communicate in simple English used cutlery and utensils was left on table unattended

    • u r spot on mr.ruby ong!! i had the same experience last month, it’s horrible to say the least, from food quality to service, all failed !! some more i purposely went there with my sing frens, left a really bad impression of malaysia restaurant!!

  2. Certainly agree with all the bad reviews here. The service was bad, the food was damn sad especially their 4 items for breakfast. After my first visit, I regretted it so much. Definitely not worth the price. Coffee is served cold when I ordered a HOT flat white.

    Nothing special and not worth going again unless they changed the menu to something edible and improve on the service. And of course, please get rid of the foreign worker. I found them wearing dirty uniform 10am in the morning serving customer. This really looks very bad.

  3. Tried it today during lunch. The place wasn’t crowded at all. Funny thing is they separate the upper floor to serve lunch & lower floor to serve beverage & desserts. Mocha was bad with no coffee or chocolate taste. Had more milk in it. Wonder what latte tastes like. Also ordered smoked duck salad but turned out only a few pieces of duck, 5 pieces to be exact with tiny slices of vege for RM 23.90. Overall, not worth the price for such hype


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