Heun Kee Charcoal Claypot Chicken Rice @ Jalan Yew, Pudu


Not long ago a reader suggested me to try Heun Kee Claypot Chicken Rice at Pudu. It is true that I haven’t blogged about a good claypot chicken rice for a long time so I guessed, why not. As it turns out, not only the recommendation was spot on, I was glad to find out that their claypot fish head curry is very delicious too.


Even though the smallest order is meant for 1 pax @ RM9, the portion is large enough to be shared comfortably between two people. Heun Kee does not skimp on the ingredients as you could see the rice is topped with generous amount of chicken meat and Chinese sausage. A small plate of salted fish is provided separately and mixed according to your own liking.


The unmistakable aroma of charcoal with a whiff of rice wine greets your senses as soon as the claypot hit the table – inviting you to dig in. Compared to the other claypot chicken rice I had previously, the notable difference for me is in the rice itself. Here, it is cooked to a light and fluffy texture so soft that you don’t need to dig hard to stir the ingredients around. The most savored part of the dish is no doubt the crispy part of the rice at the bottom of the claypot, which tastes extra flavorful but not burnt or hard.



Charcoal stoves are used to shorten the cooking time and infuse heat into the food. Our rice managed to stay warm throughout the meal because of this.


Charcoal Claypot


Heun Kee’s ability to churn out good claypot chicken rice is also attributed to their trademark cooking method that they call ‘2 heats’. You could read up more in detail on their website but this practice could be observed when they cook. Basically, the ‘1st heat’ refers to the charcoal stove which cooks the bottom of the rice while ‘2nd heat’ is the additional fiery charcoals that sit on top of the claypot, which is responsible for cooking the chicken. This supposingly helps to lock in the juices and ensure the meat would taste tender and flavorsome.


We are also delighted that the Claypot Fish Head Curry (RM25) here is awesome. Being a favorite dish of mine, I never miss ordering it whenever I get the chance. It does not taste like the run of the mill generic Chinese style of curry where the gravy is usually sweet and milky. Instead, the flavor is medium-spicy and you could really taste the chili peppers that sets the tongue and lips tingling. And not to mention the Garoupa fish head is very fresh too, definitely not the frozen kind.


Check out the menu and prices. The next time I am here I will be getting the Pot Wax Duck Rice, said to be a seasonal dish because the main ingredients are imported from Hong Kong.


Overall it was a convincing meal and I guess I could overlook the fact that foreigners are cooking the claypot chicken rice here. From what I see they appear experienced enough and probably even mastered the art too.


Kedai Makanan Heun Kee Claypot Chicken Rice
No 59, Ground Floor,
Jalan Yew, Pudu,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
GPS Coordinates: N3 07.965 E101 42.984
Tel: 03-9200 1603

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  1. We love this place, my family and I. My daughter is a big claypot rice fan and we come here every time we are in KL. We also liked their watercress soup made in a big steel drum.

    Will also look out for the one in Kepong as recommended by readers here :)

  2. Just tried the food. Four of us ordered a medium chicken pot and a wax duck pot plus a bowl of pig intestine pepper soup for 2 with a pot of hot water as we brought our own tea leaves. I was shocked to see the bill amounting to RM72!! I later realised that the wax duck pot with about 5 pcs of thinly-sliced duck plus sausages cost RM38.00 which, to me, is too costly. I regretted ordering this one without first finding out the price.

  3. Just went for dinner, 2 pot of chicken rice, 1 bowl of pork ginger knuckles,1 pot of chicken ginger wine and 1 bowl of pork intestine pepper soup, cost 100 ringgit. Chicken rice is just okay, the rest are horrible. Did anyone realize that most of the food quality in KL are getting worst, especially those consider famous restaurant.Usually i went to jalan tiong nam for chicken ginger wine,it called ah heng food corner, it still maintain the quality but the portion is getting smaller.


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