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Ho Soon Tomyam Thai Seafood Restaurant @ Bukit Mertajam


Ho Soon Thai Tomyam Seafood restaurant was recommended by the helper who comes to help clean our house weekly. According to her the restaurant is always buzzing with families – something she knew because she works in the restaurant at night. Taking this as a hint of good food as well as to try something new, we decided to have a Thai meal at Ho Soon for our Christmas family dinner.


Well she was right about the buzz. During dinner time around 6pm, the restaurant was already almost full by the time we reach. If we reached 5 minutes later we would had have to wait for an empty table.


Needless to say, Tomyam is a must and we had a small portion of Tomyam Seafood @ RM18. The amount of seafood like prawns, squids and slices of fish was good, fresh and justified for the price. I like the Tomyam soup too. It was quite thick and slightly sweet, not too sour nor too spicy. Personally, I prefer this variation more because I am not too fond of sourish stuff.


Thai Steam Black Pomfret with Chili Lime Sauce @ RM38. We felt the portion was a little too big for the four of us but we enjoyed it nonetheless.


The fish was about as fresh as it could get, cooked with the right timing hence the tasty and tender flesh. Actually when it comes to steamed fish, black pomfrets are usually not the best choice due to their ‘fishy’ smell. Surprisingly we didn’t detect any whiff of it.


Otak-otak was alright with loads of seafood @ RM15. I have tasted better ones at Khuntai and Maytip.


Now this was the most delicious dish for me – Thai style Omelette @ RM8, a traditional dish prepared with fish sauce and vege and shallots. As soon as the dish arrived at our table, it immediately stood out by filling our table space with its fantastic aroma.
The outer layer was already skillfully fried to a crisp and when coupled with the crunchy inner layer of greens they provided a nice biting sensation. After trying this, you wouldn’t want to eat any other omelettes anymore.


Pandan Chicken @ RM2 a piece, not bad considering the tender meat and seasoning was just nice. I have had bad experience with very salty and oily Pandan Chicken before.


Donut Prawn is a signature dish of Ho Soon and it’s the first time I have seen this at any Thai restaurant. It is basically a deep fried batter of prawns (donut shaped) coated in peanuts. I think the kids will love this – RM10 for a small portion.


As a clam lover, I insisted to try the Fried Baby Clams with Tomyam Paste @ RM8, which turned out fair at best.


Lastly, Thai style Deep Fried Pork Leg @ RM22. We were never a huge fan of this dish because it always felt dry and tough. And true to our past experiences, Ho Soon’s Deep Fried Pork Leg was no exception either. I only found the crispy crackling to be enjoyable (oh the fat and cholesterol lol) while the tough meat was a pain to chew.


The fact that we have returned 3 times (in a month) after our first visit to Ho Soon says a lot about their food. And if there’s anything they could improve on it must be their menu. The choices seem quite limited for main course and there’s no dessert available yet. I need to complete my Thai meal with Red Ruby or I feel something is missing lol.

Ho Soon Tomyam Thai Seafood (opposite Kampung Baru wet market, slightly further down)
16 & 18, Lorong Berjaya Baru 1,
Taman Berjaya Baru,
14000 Bukit Mertajam.
GPS Coordinates: N5 20.875 E100 28.343
Open 5.30pm – 6pm onwards.
* No tax no service charge.

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