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Hokkien Mee @ Pek Kong Cheng Bukit Mertajam


A while ago someone asked me where to go for good Hokkien Mee (or Prawn Noodle for those in KL) in Bukit Mertajam 大山脚. Honestly I didn’t know because they taste pretty much the same to me. Although some were quite good, none of them was really outstanding which is worth recommending. That’s why I never blogged about Hokkien Mee.

hokkien mee

Then I stumbled upon Ah Xian’s blog about this Hokkien Mee stall just behind the Pek Kong Cheng temple. He blogged about it last year and I am pretty sure it was shown in his popular TV show – 阿贤人情味 on AEC. It is a good thing he came because this would help to promote Bukit Mertajam to other Malaysians.

hokkien mee

A normal bowl is RM3 with two fresh medium sized prawns, body shell removed. This makes it much easier to enjoy the prawn, you just need to remove the big prawn head. I saw him boil the prawns in the soup briefly before serving on top of the noodles. I think that helps to add more flavor to the soup. And a lot of chicken feet is also given, which is quite unusual for Penang hokkien mee. So, you better remind the boss not to include it if you are not daring enough to enjoy it. For me, I enjoyed them. The chicken feet is cooked separately braised style so it’s very soft and tasty. In overall, I feel the Hokkien mee is above average at best.

pek kong zheng hokkien mee

This is the boss, happily preparing the orders from the customers. You could see he is still wearing the red t-shirt given by Ah Xian’s crew lol. He is a lucky guy for being featured in Ah Xian’s eatery program and blog. No doubt it has boosted his noodles’ popularity considerably among BM lang and outstation people. Because even though your food is good, you would still need a little help from the publicity. Else, nobody would know.
GPS Coordinates: N5 21.856 E100 27.673

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  1. I was looking for Prawn Mee in the menu in one of Penang-style restaurant and I was dumbfound when I was told that Prawn Mee is actually called as Hokkien Mee in Penang. Hokkien Mee in KL would be a total different type of noodles :P

  2. wmw – LOL it’s 4am already and you’re still awake? It’s very easy to find prawn mee in KL at this time la

    Karen – No problem!

    Chong – Yar I know what you mean, KL Hokkien Mee is the “Tai Luk Mee” in Penang. Black black one haha

  3. Wah, taken with new camera ar? Congrats on the new camera, trust me it’s worht the investment, sooner and later many people will come to your site just to look at your pictures. LOL.

    I just cooked my own hokkien mee this past weekend, ate for two days – breakfast lunch dinner and then again. LOL. So good.

  4. Everytime when I return to Bukit Mertajam, I’ll definitely drop by Pek Gong Cheng to have at least one meal, for sure :) my grandma’s house is just walking distance away from the place, it’s somewhere near Jit Sin. Anyway amazing depth of field for the first photo… I like it how you’ve gotten the egg into focus. Yummy!

    Maybe you can write reviews of Pek Gong Cheng’s mee tai mak and the porridge (which opens at night, I think)… they serve gorgeous food too! Mmph.

    teddY’s last blog post..5 Sites You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

  5. hokkien mee in Penang is really good but i have not try pek kong cheng…i will try if i got a chance 2 bukit mertajam…Actually vkeong u also can try Penang island hokkien which located near prangin mall…i dont exactly the place name…the hokkien mee soup is nice and prices are reasonable.the stall only open at 4 something in th noon and close on every thursday..

  6. taste only so so for me. the boss is so “lan si”. and the chicken feet don’t even mix with the taste of the soup. first and last try for me.
    the other one that i also don’t like but very popular one is in penang “sa tiao lor”. both of these stalls have similarity.. they like to put lots of stuff with additional charge.
    good hokkien mie doesn’t need lots of stuff to taste good.. the most important is the soup… the one @ bm “jiok sua” is quite good for me.

  7. Hey vkeong, i was the guy asking bout the prawn mee :p Thanks for the info, im gonna go check it out when i come back home. As for the bm “jiok sua” , near to the Olang Hock, rojak (tat stuff is wicked too) … nah so so only.

    So far there is one in KL in Paramount called O&S coffeeshop, The soup is so thick that it looks like curry mee ! but lately after eating whole mouth gets dried up. MSG :( Till today i hvnt found a prawn mee tat thick. Hit me up when someone finds it …


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