Hon Kee Famous Porridge @ Petaling Street, KL

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It’s been more than a year since I visited Hon Kee 汉记靓粥 for their famous porridge. How time flies. I remembered my first time eating there. SL brought me there for breakfast on the day I traveled back to Penang for my new job. Now, I am back to Cyberjaya and it’s my turn to be the guide – my parents came down to KL for a short visit not long ago and I brought them to here. They liked it!


Hon Kee was still as busy as ever so do come early if you want to have a nice seat. We were early, but weren’t so fortunate to get a table at the stall. Because of that we had to sit on the other side of the road near the ikan bakar stall, which was kinda deserted and dark (even for a morning).


I think the Raw Snakehead Fish Porridge (Sang Yu Zhuk) here is the nicest.. all the freshness of the fish would be fully absorbed by the porridge during the ‘cooking’ process, which occurs when you mix the raw fish into the porridge.


I don’t remember the price for a bowl exactly, but I am pretty sure the amount of fish given did not reduce. For a couple of bucks this is a very worthy and healthy breakfast.


Mix the raw fish slices into the porridge, then stir it around slowly to cook it. The porridge was a lot hotter than it appeared, if you are not careful your will suffer a burnt tongue! I think I did. I dunno I forgot lol.


The end result is a hearty, flavorful porridge full of goodness. Thanks to the generous portion of raw fish you can expect its presence in every mouthful.


I also tried the famous Chee Cheong Fun, selling next to Hon Kee. I found it to be quite special (and tasty of course) but I had problem finishing a serving on my own because when the whole thing gets cold, it gets really ‘boring’ (jelak). Best to enjoy it when it’s still hot, and fast lol. For directions, taken from my previous post:

The easiest way to find Hon Kee is to look for Hong Leong Bank in Petaling Street. Hon Kee is directly opposite the bank. Come early! Or end up standing at the side waiting for seats. If you happen to take a bus from Pudu bus station in the morning, do try the porridge here for breakfast. Highly recommended.

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