Ice Kacang @ Swatow Lane – Quality Dropped?

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If you have copy of Rasa Rasa Penang book “a visitor-friendly guide to its food” and went to try Swatow Lane‘s ice kacang based on its recommendation, you will be disappointed. I am not blaming the author for this, as I have also recommended this as one of the best ice kacang in Penang. It’s just that the ice kacang quality has dropped so much it has became normal tasting only.

swatow lane ice kacang

The weekend before CNY I went for a cari makan trip around the island (based on the eating guide) It was scorching hot and we decided to enjoy a bowl of ice kacang. So, we went to New World Park because it was the nearest place that time.

ice kacang

It looked and cost the same, with the colorful ingredients consisting of corn, atapchi, red bean and grass jelly. The ice cream is added on request ok, so remember to ask for it if you want one. The ice kacang definitely tastes better with ice cream. Another two ice kacang I would recommend are Kek Seng and Lorong Selamat. But I am not sure if they are still that tasty though.. gotta find out for myself one day. Anyone reading this had a good bowl of ice kacang recently? Mind suggesting a nice one? Thanks!

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