Ishin Japanese Dining Restaurant @ Old Klang Road, KL

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Ishin is a Japanese restaurant that buzzed the blogosphere recently. It doesn’t take anything more than a simple Google search to know how many invited reviews have been posted on it. Usually I am very cautious towards restaurants with this kind of reputation.
So when Ishin was suggested as a venue to celebrate a friend’s (a Japanese food lover) birthday, it was only natural that I had reservations. Anyway, let me just say, despite my skeptisism the meal turned out to be a good one that all of us enjoyed.


Previously a bungalow turned doby, Ishin is now a classy restaurant after clever and tasteful renovations. iPad is used as the restaurant menu but when it comes to ordering food, still pen and paper are used. Such is the irony.
But the hi-def dishes shown in the iPad are so beautiful and tempting that they make you feel like trying each and every one of them. And I actually flipped through the entire menu just to admire the food photography. I guess all the money and efforts investmented into the menu are really worthwhile.


I am also glad that the actual food does look like those shown in the menu. The Salmon Sashimi @ RM25 is sliced into thick pieces, just the way it should be. Presentation is top notch as well.


Everything about the salmon sashimi is perfect from the freshness to the texture and flavor. There is simply nothing I could complain about.


Shake Don @ RM35.


The salmon slices covering the rice are of the same quality as the salmon sashimi earlier, just sliced into thinner pieces. My only beef is that the rice felt too sticky. I know sushi rice is supposed to be sticky but it was just a lot stickier, and even slight mushy than normal.


Griled Shishamo @ RM6 was perhaps the only disappointment that day. As soon as it arrived we knew it was going to be bad, as they were obviously overgrilled that many parts turned charred, bitter and unedible.


One of the more special looking dishes here is the 3 Taste Mini Chawanmushi @ RM 12. Instead of being served in conventional cups, the chawanmushis are steamed in eggshells and topped with three different ingredients: crab sticks, flying fish roe and black fish roe – hence the 3 tastes.
However, the novelty of the dish couldn’t save it from being just a normal tasting chawanmushi and even felt slightly watery. It wasn’t great but good enough to sate our palate’s curiosity.


Nigiri Sushi Set @ RM22 – the person who had it gave thumbs up. And also for the other things they tried like Grilled Salmon and Udon. No pics though, sorry about that.


We simply couldn’t take our eyes off this particular Japanese dessert called Monaka @ RM15, made of thin and crisp wafers that are filled with green tea ice cream. Then sweet tasting red beans and refreshing strawberry are there to provide the much needed flavors.
Monaka is actually quite common in Japanese desserts but the creativity and efforts put in to make it look alluringly delicious and stand out from the rest are reasons enough to warrant a try.


ISHIN Japanese Dining
No. 202, Persiaran Kelang Off 3 3/4,
Jalan Kelang Lama, 58000 KL.
GPS Coordinates: N3 06.171 E101 40.667
Tel: 03 7980 8228

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