Special Uni Menu @ Ishin Japanese Dining

ISHIN Japanese Dining Special Sea Urchin Menu
ISHIN Japanese Dining Special Sea Urchin Menu

If you love sea urchin and everything about it, then you should know about Ishin Japanese Dining‘s latest special menu. Hokkaido sea urchin freshly imported from Japan is used to prepare several new dishes that highlight the versatility of this highly prized ingredient.

Ishin Hokkaido Uni Ohitashi

Hokkaido Uni Ohitashi @ RM32 – a twist on the traditional simple spinach salad by turning it into a roll. It’s filled with generous sea urchin for a burst of flavor and color.

Ishin Hokkaido Sakana Osuimono

Hokkaido Uni Sakana Osuimono @ RM58 – a light and clear soup that lets the delicate ingredients shine. A good alternative to miso soup that also sets you up for the heavier tasting dishes to come.

Ishin Uni Sashimi

Ishin Hokkaido Uni Sashimi

Best accompanied with sake, the Hokkaido Uni Sashimi @ RM58 lets you savor the uni’s brilliant flavor at its fullest. To avoid making a mess or risk dropping the uni accidentally, enjoy it with a piece of nori.

Ishin Hokkaido Uni Hotate Tempura

The Hokkaido Uni Hotate Tempura @ RM78 was easily my favorite dish of the night. It features jumbo scallops tempura sandwiched with uni and a shiso leaf for a touch of mint. The light batter locked in the juices of the scallops so they were still moist and tender.

Ishin Hokkaido Uni Kuruma Ebi Teriyaki

Hokkaido Uni Kuruma Ebi Teriyaki @ RM78 – the sweet and succulent tiger shrimp itself was already a winner on its own. So the addition of uni on top was just icing on the cake.

Ishin Hokkaido Uni King Crab Teppanyaki
Ishin Uni King Crab Teppanyaki

How do you improve on something as delicious as King Crab? Well apparently the answer is to top it sea urchin. For RM118, the Hokkaido Uni King Crab Teppanyaki will be dish you won’t forget anytime soon. It’s pricey alright, but great for special occassions especially if you have someone to impress.

Ishin Hokkaido Uni Tekka-Don

Sashimi aside, uni don is probably the most basic way of serving sea urchin. Ishin’s Hokkaido Uni Tekka Don @ RM68 is also served with chunks of fresh tuna to add some bite to the indulgent bowl of sushi rice.

Ishin Japanese Dining Restaurant

As much as we love sea urchin, I think we had a tad too much of it in a single seating. I also feel it’s quite impossible for the average customer to order everything with sea urchin because of the expensiveness.
That said, if you can afford it then by all means go ahead and order your heart out. Otherwise, my recommended dishes would be the uni sashimi, uni hotate tempura and uni kuruma ebi teriyaki – in no particular order.

Ishin Japanese Dining Old Klang Road KL

ISHIN Japanese Dining

No. 202, Persiaran Kelang Off 3 3/4,
Jalan Kelang Lama, 58000 KL.
Business hours: 12pm- 3pm, 6pm-1am (kitchen closes at 10pm)
Tel: 03 7980 8228

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