Jelly Mooncakes

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Mid-Autumn festival is just around the corner, so let me show you some homemade jelly mooncakes I bought from my colleague.


Mooncakes have certainly evolved much from the traditional lotus paste, red bean and mixed nuts variations. Now there’s even dragon fruit, chocolate, coffee, sugarless and even ice cream mooncakes! This year, my family did not buy any branded mooncakes like Kam Lun Thai, Tai Thong or Overseas because they are too pricey. Homemade ones are equally good and so much cheaper.


The jelly mooncakes are sold at RM28 per box, which is RM7 per piece. The mooncakes come in 4 flavors: Dragonfruit, Red Bean, Cendol and Mango. This is a red bean jelly mooncake.


Dragonfruit mooncake. One look at the beautifully made mooncakes was enough to make me place an order for it.


Mango mooncake. The main purpose I bought the mooncakes is for my mom. She loves mooncakes so these are some unique ones perfect for her to try.


Cendol mooncake. They may be quite expensive for the rather cheap ingredients used (even the yolks are made of jelly) But since my mom liked them I guess it’s ok, because that matters the most ;) And hey, I think it takes a really masterful person to make such nice mooncakes too!

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