Ji Bao Gai @ Sentosa Corner Kopitiam

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***This is a filler post***

Currently, I am in Bukit Mertajam 大山脚 and I have very limited access to my blogging tools. So, update will be back to normal again once I get back to Selangor. Anyway, I have been eating quite a lot of Ji Bao Gai (fried paper wrapped chicken) lately in Serdang. Ji Bao Gai is exceptionally popular in Serdang and Seri Kembangan area. Almost all the Yong Tau Fu restaurants there serve it.

Thinking back, I had Ji Bao Gai 纸包鸡 too when I was small in BM. It was different with those in Serdang. To show you, I found a place in Taman Sentosa, BM which sells Hong Kong Stlye Ji Bao Gai as well as fried chicken.

fried chicken and ji bao gai

If you haven’t tasted Ji Bao Gai before, you are missing out one of the nicest chicken dish in Malaysia. Ji Bao Gai is done by marinating chicken meat – usually chicken wing, thigh and drumstick in soy sauce and seasoning, which is then wrapped in greaseproof paper and deep fried.

Leong Ya 梁雅 is undeniably one of the best known restaurants in Serdang for their Ji Bao Gai. Their version is different because they use ginger and has more gravy. But the one in BM shown above is very dry and taste much like normal honey BBQ chicken. The fried chicken is pretty good though, crispy skin and fresh meat.

winner's fried chicken

The stall is called Winner’s Fried Chicken and can be found in Sentosa Corner kopitiam, Taman Sentosa. It only opens at night. I ate here just a while ago for supper.

winner's fried chicken

Besides Ji Bao Gai(1) and fried chicken(2), they also have fried chicken gizzard(3) and fries(4), like any other fried chicken stalls you’d find lah, lol.

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