KLCC Signatures Food Court


“Signatures” is one of the two available food courts currently residing in KLCC. Compared to the other food court – “Asian Flavours”, “Signatures” is a class higher(so you can expect the food to be 50 cents – RM1 more expensive) and they serve better food. Besides, you can have a great view of the KLCC park if you are lucky to have the side seats :)

Waiting for my sandwich.. I still remember my experience to this food court I had when I first visited KLCC 5 years ago. I was about to enroll in my FCM Alpha course in MMU Cyberjaya and my whole family came along to tour KL city. We were awed to see this place lol.

Turkey Ham sandwich, yum. “Super Sandwiches”, the sandwich stand that left me with the deepest memory.. I still can recall the feeling of amazement I had when they presented me with the combination of different sandwiches I can have. It has became a regularity that I must visit this sandwich stand everytime I step into this food court, it surely brings back some fond memories.

*Useful tips*
1. Drinks sold here are really expensive, especially those cold ones. Head to McD if you want a soft drink, or the nasi kandar stall for hot drinks.
2. The nasi kandar campur and chicken rice are nice and not really expensive. Rm4.50 a meal here is a steal.

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