Launching of Creamy Ampan & U-hu-hu Cream Cheese @ The Loaf, SOGO KL


Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the launch of The Loaf‘s several new lines of Japanese-inspired products at SOGO Kuala Lumpur. The launch was meant to introduce three new flavoured Creamy Ampan (Japanese red bean buns) and over a dozen new flavored U-hu-hu signature cheesecakes. The ‘Taste of the Experience of Sweet Indulgence’ event was officiated by none other YABhg Tun Dr Mathatir, who was accompanied by YABhg Tun Dr Siti Hasmah.




I was there as part of the media folks but my main purpose was largely to meet Tun Mahathir in person. The Loaf at SOGO is the premium bakery’s 11th outlet and so far I have visited 4 of their branches nationwide.


The arrival of The Loaf’s Managing Director – Mr Jiro Suzuki came dressed in traditional yukata robes and he sported a pair of wooden geta (Japanese sandals) too. He was in charge for most of the presentation and explained the concept behind the new products.


Arrival of Tun Mahathir.


Both of them sharing a light moment together.


Everyone paying their full attention to the presentation by Mr Jiro.


Then it was Tun’s turn to give his speech. According to him, The Loaf’s direction is to become a franchise business and their current expansion plans are aimed at reaching a much broader customer base.


A surprise birthday celebration was planned for Tun (today is his birthday) and the birthday cake is made of 88 U-hu-hu cheesecakes. Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah joined in the celebration as well because her birthday falls two day later. So you could say the party was a triple celebration. After that, it was time to eat and sample the new products!


The Creamy Ampan is available in three flavors of original Fresh Cream, Espresso Coffee and Green Tea. In Japan, these delicious buns are selling like hot cakes with some bakeries recording sales of 1000 pieces daily.
I tasted a piece of the Espresso Coffee Ampan (best eaten chilled) and it was delicious, perfect for tea breaks. The flavor combination of fresh cream, homemade red bean paste and coffee just work so well together to create a creamy and refreshing taste – it feels like eating ice cream in a bun.


As for the U-hu-hu cream cheesecakes, they are offered in two new creamy based dough either baked or unbaked. The baked version has a rich cheesy flavour while the unbaked version is slightly sourish with a lighter and fresher taste. If you are wondering how this cheesecake got its cute name, it is much inspired by the sound Japanese ladies make when they eat something satisfyingly delicious.
And as you may have expected the flavours are mostly fruit based such as apricot, coconut, banana, lychee, mango, orange etc, the list just goes on and on. Are you tempted to try? Well head on to The Loaf and check out these newly launched items.

** The Creamy Ampan is available at all outlets from today while the U-hu-hu will be available from July 15 onwards. My personal favourite is the Creamy Ampan, it is really nice.

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