Lin Yuan Steamboat Kitchen @ Queens Park Cheras

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Believe it or not this was my second time having a meal at Cheras and the restaurant we went is called Lin Yuan Steamboat Kitchen. It is a popular steamboat restaurant in Cheras famed for their pumpkin porridge as soup base and homemade ingredients, especially the special meat balls that burst with juices when bit.

lin yuan steamboat

The standard steamboat set can be considered quite cheap in KL for RM14.90 each. But then when you looked at the portion it is just average and the amount of seafood is actually less than what is being offered at other places. So at Lin Yuan you are mostly expected to add on some ala carte stuff to bump the overall dining experience. From top left to bottom left: Garoupa fish slices @ RM13 (very thin slices, not really worth the price), Meat Balls @ RM13 (good stuff, ping pong ball sized with a firm texture that really burst with juice) and the so-called imported beef slices @ RM15 (also very thinly sliced, I feel it’s very very expensive)


I would only categorize the prawns and fish noodle in the set as seafood, the rest are just some normal processed food stuff and vegetable.


Besides the meat balls another thing that is worth trying is their Fresh Meat Paste @ RM13. It is made with by mixing minced fish and pork together into a paste form, somewhat like those meat paste used for wantan filling. The texture is quite firm after being refrigerated so what you would do is to scoop up bite sized balls and drop them into the boiling soup. Flavor wise I would say this is the best among all the add-ons we ordered.


Besides steamboat you can also order ala carte dishes that are mostly seafood based like crabs, prawns and lala. We ordered the Kam Heong La La @ RM18 after the captain heavily recommended it. But to be honest, it was just average at best.


There are three types of soup base available here: seafood, tomyam and pumpkin porridge, which is also the most popular one from what I observed. If you are having only the porridge steamboat, then it will be served in a claypot to prevent the bottom part from getting burnt too quickly. And just FYI there is a surchage of RM1.50 for each pax if the pumpkin porridge is selected (refillable).


Although the normal steamboat set is nothing to shout about, there are some special side dishes that you may not find in the average steamboat restaurants. And of course you will need to know which are the ones that are worth ordering. If I could change my order, I would have surely canceled out the fish and beef slices because they are simply not worth the price paid.
That being said, the pumpkin porridge is definitely something new for me and the taste is better than what was expected. So despite some misses, the overall dining experience at Lin Yuan was not bad after all. By the way they have a website so you can browse their menu before going to know what to expect.

Lin Yuan Steamboat Kitchen (Website)
Queens Park Cheras,
392, Jalan Shelly,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates: N3 07.787 E101 43.381
Tel: 012-2828 668

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