Mama Mia Restaurant & Bistro @ PJ New Town


Mama Mia is a restaurant and bistro located in PJ New Town that I tried recently. The bistro (serves ‘char chan teng’ like food) and restaurant are two separate but connected individual dining areas in the same building. Because of its fairly large size, catchy name and being located just a few doors away from Poh Kong Jewellery, you won’t miss the restaurant when approaching the big roundabout.


Most dishes we had are heavily seasoned and taste flavorful, those that pair well with rice hence they are very suited to my palate. So now that has been said, it would be no surprise to you that I actually like the food here. 极味排骨 (Ultimate Taste Pork Ribs?) @ RM30 is meaty, appetizingly sweet and savory but the almond flakes serve nothing more than decoration.


Cod Fish Soy Sauce King style @ RM90 for 3 medium fillets. Steamed versions are also available but since most cod fish is imported frozen, they are better off prepared with heavy sauces to mask any undesired taste.


Named after their shapes the Pipa Bean Curd @ RM22 here is delicious for their compact and firm texture, the added ground meat makes the difference.


I am not sure about the exact vegetable used for this dish but I think it is something like those leafy vegetables found in Yong Tau Fu’s soup. Also, this is my first time having a ‘Wat Tan‘ (Egg Gravy) style of vegetable @ RM18 so it is a refreshing experience. The leaf itself is slightly bitter but somehow tastes good with the rich gravy.


Thai Style Deep Fried Chicken with mango strips @ RM28, the most standard tasting dish among all, just like what you would get at any other restaurants.


Lastly, some Lotus Paste Pancakes @ RM16 (RM8 per portion) for dessert, not bad at all – taste fresh, no oily smell with a just level of sweetness. Now, if only it came with some peanut putter tong sui to dip into as well then it would be perfect.


Overall Mama Mia a pleasant and somewhat upclass restaurant in the area with great service, nice for a quiet meal with friends and family. Do note the comment is only meant for the restaurant, not the bistro yeah.

Mama Mia Restaurant & Bistro,
No 8-10, Ground Floor, Jalan 52/4
46200 PJ, Selangor
Tel: 03 7960 3985
GPS Coordinates: N3 06.007 E101 38.729

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