Maple Food Market @ Great Eastern Mall


The Maple Food Market is back at the Great Eastern Mall and it’s happening over the weekend. Bring your family and friends and come and support your local entrepreneurs who have gathered at the community pop-up market to showcase their creations and products.
The market takes place at the concourse area from 11am to 8pm this weekend (6th to 8th Nov) For your convenience, a dining area has been set up so that you can enjoy the food on the spot.

Tony Pulled Pork

Tony's Cooking

Located at the far corner of the market is Tony’s Cooking, a non-halal vendor that serves fresh and tasty sandwich and burger with pork fillings. Their signature items are BBQ pull pork burger and pepper lemongrass pork sandwich. If you are looking for something that’s more than a snack, this is the place to be.

Paris Salad

Paris Salad by Nathalie & Pierre: traditional French baguette prepared with real butter, special sandwich, salad and crepes are some of their specialties. On normal days, they can be found at Tuck Shop in Bangsar Shopping Centre near to Jungle Gym.

Bean Rush Coffee Scrub

Coffee Scrub

Coffee Scrub and lip brush by The Bean Rush, made with organic coconut oil and almond oil with vitamin E.

Jaja Bakery Cakes

Jaja Bakery

Jaja’s Bakery, a home-based bakery based in Shah Alam specialized in cakes, tarts and macaroons. Their macaroons are selling well and fast because they are reasonably priced at RM2 each.

Foodie Escape

Mango Sticky Rice

Get your hands on some Thai/Vietnamese appetizers and desserts prepared by Foodie Escape. Other delectable dishes include mango sticky rice, Miang kham, pai tee and steamed glutinous rice with chicken priced between RM6 and RM10.

Eggless Cakes

NoDesserts Cakes

Classic homemade cakes and vegetarian pastries can be found at NoDesserts, where recipes using eggs are substituted with milk and yogurt but still taste as good.

Amazin Grace

Amazin Graze Granola

Amazin’ Graze, a start-up formed by Ching Yi (left) and Amy Zheng (right) aims to be a healthy food brand to provide Malaysians with healthy treats such as granola, nut mixes and trail mixes. Samples are available and do drop by to try their Gula Melaka granola, it’s really good!

Chunk Poppers


Chunk Poppers, an online bakery is back again with their desserts, local kuihs, hot Western food and detox drinks.

Rawsome Food


Rawsome Dried Fruits

Next stop, Rawsome with their range of healthy snacks prepared with fresh vegetables, fruit puree, organic chia seeds and all the low fat ingredients for a guilt-free satisfaction. When you’re here, don’t forget to try their dehydrated vegetable snacks especially the tomyam okra, it’s good!


Mangolicious Jams

Mangolicious is easily the most colourful booth so it’s hard to miss them. For the mango lovers out there, this one’s a must visit.
Besides their signature pure mango jam, there’s also a new product called Mango Kaya which is just delicious as a spread on toasts, crackers, or as fillings between cakes. You will definitely taste the difference, as their jams are made with either Australian or Pakistani mangoes only.

Joey's Homemade Peanut Butter

Joey's Peanut BUtter

Not a fan of mango? How about peanut butter? Joey’s Peanut Butter comes in various flavours and there’s even a sugar-free version for the health conscious.
Each jar (350ml) is packed with 300g of roasted peanuts, made without additives and emulsifiers so it won’t stick to the roof of your mouth. Try it to believe it!

Shyet Li Kopitiam

Spring Rolls with Prawns

Shyet Li Food

Shyet-Li’s Kopitiam serves a variety of local favourites like roti jala, curry laksa and fresh spring rolls with shrimps. Their homemade kaya is quite special considering it’s made with gula melaka instead of the normal white sugar. The kopitiam can also be found at the mall’s 3rd floor.

Accidental Bakers

Accidental Bakers Cakes

Despite being pricier than the rest, I think the The Accidental Bakers‘ cakes are the best looking among all. It’s hard to say no to brownies that look so elegant and decadent.

Ashley's by Living Food

Ashley's Cakes Living Food

Ashley’s by LivingFood is on a mission to inspire people everywhere to eat real food that tastes great without the addition of MSG, colourings, flavourings and fillers. Drop by to know more and you might want to check out their well-received restaurant at Bangsar too. I know I will.

Enamel Food Grade Tiffin

While not exactly food, Arcadia sells food grade enamel tiffins that come in various vibrant colours. Their outlet at Publika has many vintage and cool stuff that you never knew you wanted.

Tuoi Jungle Green Tea

Tuoi shares the booth with Arcadia and the founder went to Vietnam personally to bring these hand-picked green tea from the jungles of Dalat to you.

Noora's Cakes n Cookies

Noora's Cakes

This time, Noora’s is focusing only on cakes and cookies – red velvet, orange, chocolate fudge and pineapple tarts, just to name a few.

Double Thumbs

Double Thumbs Chicken Rice Mix

If you use bottled sauces for cooking quite often then you should definitely check out Double Thumbs‘ booth. Their shrimp chili and spicy asam pastes are reasonably priced and seasoned perfectly to help you prepare delicious dishes at home effortlessly.

Nasi Lemak

Next to Double Thumbs is a makcik all the way from Banting who makes excellent nasi lemak. The main dishes available are chicken rendang, sambal kerang, sambal sotong and sambal ikan bilis. Trust me when I say this is one of the best nasi lemak you’d ever have.

CrazyPuff That Iced Coffee

7-inces of Stuffed Awesomeness, that’s CrzyPuff for you. It’s available in 8 flavours: Loco Lamb (pulled lamb), Brit Bonkers (Shepar’s Pie), Wacky Yankee (mac & cheese), Wild Popeye (spinach + cheese), Cukoo-Dang (chicken rendang), Gila Classic (curry potato), iPuff (apple cinnamon) and Mad Monkey (banana + Nutella).

That Iced Coffee

That Teh Tarik

Besides curry puffs, That Iced Coffee and That Teh Tarik by That Foodie Place are available at RM10 each. Although they seem expensive, each bottle is 500ml and tastes really ‘kaw’ and smooth. I certainly did not regret my purchase and I think you will love it as well, if you don’t mind the price tag. Best served chilled!

Honey Hearts

The Honey Hearts

There’s only one honey booth and it’s a very good one. The Honey Hearts gets their supply of wild jungle honey from Sarawak and their homemade apple cider vinegar is worth checking out as well.

Rymba Hills Tea Bags

Rymba Hills is another health drink booth at the market. Their pure and natural herbal products include misai kucing, Bentong ginger and lemon grass teas that can be consumed to alleviate various health issues like diabetes, kidney stones and indigestion.

Heartlands Food

Sailor's Products

Heartland Foods is also back and this time they have a new product, which is frozen pizza. Hot dog is still available for RM10 with unlimited toppings and condiments of your choice.

Lifestyle Juicery

Cold Pressed Juices

It wouldn’t be a food market if there’s no freshly squeezed juice. Lifestlye Juicery specializes in delivering raw, fresh and cold-pressed juices straight to your door. What makes them different from the rest is that their sugar-free juices contain 70% vegetables and 30% fruits and produced using local organic produce.

Jenny's Layer Cakes

Jenny's Cake

Traditional Indonesian layer cakes are Jenny’s specialty and they could last up to 6 months in the fridge. Only natural ingredients are used to bake the cakes and you can be assured that there’s no artificial colouring and preservatives in any of her creations.

Maple Market Picnic Food

Here’s my small haul of the day: nasi lemak sambal kerang @ RM8, That Iced Coffee @ RM10 and a lemon Rosemary with sea salt cake by NoDesserts @ RM10.

Maple Market Children Section

Children Face Painting

Food and drinks aside, there’s also a children’s activity area for you to enjoy quality time with your kids. The dining tables are placed just next to this area so you could still keep a watchful eye on them while you tuck into your delicious food.

Maple Market Layout

Maple Market Great Eastern Mall

By the time you read this, it’s already the second day of the Maple Food Market. Tomorrow will be the last day so don’t miss your chance to visit the lively food market and kill a few hours shopping, eating and mingling around.
The market is not massively huge but it’s definitely worthwhile to drop by to try and buy some products that are not readily available in the supermarkets. Also, you don’t have to worry about rain, parking and mud problems ;) For more information on the event, you can contact Aida Salleh at 012-3656856.

Maple Food Market @ Great Eastern Mall
6th to 8th November 2015 (11am-8pm)

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