Maple Market (4th & 5th April 2015) @ Great Eastern Mall

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Looking for some family fun this weekend? Bring your family to Great Eastern Mall and discover a fascinating food market comes to life at the community pop-up food market namely, the Maple Market. The market will take place during this weekend on 4th & 5th of April 2015.
The concourse of Great Eastern Mall will be beautifully transformed into a park with plenty of greens and trees that makes you feel like having a picnic in town. This food market is a place to promote better awareness and appreciation for food in the growing community of food enthusiasts and innovators. More than 20 vendors are participating in the food market offering various products including snacks, homemade meals and drinks.

Expect to see a sprawling food bazaar that features emerging and established indie food entrepreneurs and allow food lovers to embark on a foodie escapade where family and friends can get together and have a delicious time! In the mean time, do check out the event’s Facebook page.

Here’s the list of vendors you could expect to see at the Maple Market:

  1. Jenny’s Premier Cookies and Cakes – buttery traditional layer cakes and cookies
  2. Fresh Freddies – pies, pastas, antipasti, salads
  3. Michelle’s Artisan Food Spreads and Pittolo Private Kitchen – organic raw sugar fruit spreads, and homemade Italian delicacies
  4. Wild Bee Tualang Honey – local wild bee honey provider
  5. Simply Mel’s – authentic Kristang cuisine (Portuguese) and rempahs in jars
  6. Healthy Ever After – healthy meals food provider and delivery service
  7. Baked KL – homemade baked whoopie pies, brownies and cookies
  8. Simply Lovely – home wares and kitchen ware
  9. The Peanutbutter Factory – nut spreads
  10. Mangolicious – mango jam and mango chutneys
  11. The Accidental Bakers – cupcakes, cakes and other baked goodies
  12. P.U.C.U.K (Saturday) / Things For Whenever (Sunday) – PUCUK sells plants for homes, Things For Whenever will feature food shaped pockets called Yummy Pockets
  13. Espresso Lab – coffee
  14. The Potong – artisan icy pops and sodas
  15. Heartland Foods – all natural sausages
  16. Noora’s Homemade Cakes and Cookies – Malay cuisine, cookies and cakes
  17. Foodie Escape – Vietnamese Rolls
  18. Chunk Poppers (Saturday) / Designer Dendeng by Che Ha (Sunday) – Organic, gluten – free meals by Chunck Poppers, and homemade dendeng and nasi lemak by Che Ha
  19. Signature Snacks – nuts and snacks for health
  20. Crzypuff – savoury puffs
  21. Br3w – tea
  22. Infinity 96 – dinning wear and home decor
  23. Barkery Oven- (organic pet treats)
  24. Far Eat’s (non-halal) – home cured bacon and home cooked pork products
  25. Tony’s Cooking (non-halal) – pulled pork sandwiches

Maple Market will be held at concourse of Great Eastern Mall on 4 & 5 April 2015 from 11am – 8pm. For more information, kindly contact Aida Salleh at 012-3656856.

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