Marutama Ramen – Best Ramen in KL @ Farenheit 88, Bukit Bintang


Out of the few ramen restaurants I have tried in KL, Marutama Ramen is probably my favorite so far. And it is quite frustrating for me to know how good they are so late, given that they have been around for more than 2 years. As I know there are two branches currently, the first opened at Farenheit 88 in Bukit Bintang while the second one can be found at Empire Shopping Gallery in Subang Jaya.


Compared to the other ramen places, Marutama’s menu might seem to present more options but for the ramen, the choices are pretty straightforward. Basically you just need to decide on the broth (either spicy or non-spicy), toppings (chashu or pork belly – the latter is oh so good) and also whether you want extra marinated eggs (Ajitsuke Tamago).
If you love these ramen eggs and can’t get enough of them like me, I say go for it. Marutama cooks them perfectly with a deliciously runny yolk in the center, definitely a notch better than the others. One thing though, there’s no bamboo shoot in the ramen here. Not that I am complaining since I don’t particular fancy them.


Marutama ramen’s hearty soup tastes amazing and I am actually quite surprised to find out that it is actually made from chicken stock instead of pork. There is no doubt a lot of chickens must have gone into the pot in order to produce such rich and flavorful stock.
In fact, one whole chicken is used to prepare just enough soup to make two servings of ramen. Their lovely ramen noodle that is handmade fresh daily is thin, silky smooth with a firm and springy texture, simply delicious. These qualities to me, would be their biggest selling points and main reasons I will be a return customer.



Marutaman Ramen (NON HALAL)
Lot No. 1-27(01)
Farenheit 88
Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-21411573

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    • honestly I have never really liked Santouka because I feel their soup is quite salty for the standard bowl/seasoning, that’s why I like Marutama
      But I do have friends who like Santouka better. I think it all boils down to your own preference

  1. Speaking of which, I have tried Musashi ramen in One Utama’s revamped Jusco. My first time trying such expensive ramen for my standards, but I was pleasantly surprised with the taste which I would personally opine as rather impressive. Coupled with the antics of those young Japanese chefs there, it was quite a memorable experience for me. Just curious though, how does the ramen here fares against that of Musashi ramen? Are the cooks Jap?

    • I think Musashi cooks are also local, but overseen by a Jap. Marutama ones I am pretty sure is local too
      In terms of noodle and soup I prefer Marutama. Musashi to me feels a little gimmicky because of the shouting and all.
      Marutama is more of no frills
      But that’s just me

  2. In order of taste I’d rate Marutama, Musashi followed by Santouka… as I’ve tried them all. Santouka is just not good. Musashi is ok, but I don’t quite like the atmosphere as it feels like you’re being rushed and it’s a bit stuffy due to the spacing. Marutama is really underrated as it’s hidden behind a corner at the back of Fahrenheit88. The taste is the better among the 3 and the seating is more comfortable.

    However I’d like to recommend you a hidden gem, Daimon Yokocho at Alam Damai. Order their trademark ramen, the first dish in the menu (I forgot the name of the dish). It’s quite pricey at RM20-30’ish, but no harm to try. Their chef is a local who went to HK to learn Japanese cooking.

    BTW did you go to MV’s Snowflake last week? I thought I saw you. :D

    • Your rating for Ramen is exactly like mine :)
      Thanks for the recommendation I will try it out soon, I am actually planning to go Yamagoya next but maybe I should give Daimon Yokocho a try first
      Anyway, I didn’t go to Snowflake for more than 1 year already so I think you got the wrong guy :D

  3. i recently tried Marutama @ Empire (6.5/10) – pretty let down on the broth
    also Santouka @ Pavillion (7.5/10) – pretty good but a bit oily and noodle is too softy feels like maggie mee
    Menya Musashi @ Jln Pinang (8.5/10) – feels like tokyo

    i used to work in Japan i think my ratings is pretty fair having eaten almost everyday for close to 1 year at one point


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