Milkshake Factory @ Nu Sentral Mall, KL Sentral

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Milkshake Factory Menu and Chocolate Bars

We were at Nu Sentral earlier today to watch Fast and Furious 8 and spotted Milkshake Factory just two shop lots away from the cinema. It’s kind of rare to see a milkshake bar in KL because the beverage market seems to be dominated by juice, coffee and tea. Since we had some time to spare before the movie started, we decided to try it – mostly out of curiosity.

Milkshake Factory Menu and Chocolate Bars

Milkshake Factory offers 30 different shakes categorized into Specialty, Premium, Chocolate, On A Break and Basic. All of them come in two sizes: happy (regular) and large except for the smoothies.

Milkshare Factory Milkshakes

Honestly, it was tough for us to pick the flavors because everything sounded good. Eventually we settled for Coco Loco (Snickers & Pandan Coconut) @ RM7.90 and Kit Kat chocolate shake @ RM9.80.

Milkshake Factory Milkshake Cup

The milkshakes have a nice creamy consistency you would expect with small bits of candy bars and chocolate in every sip. It’s also not as sweet as we initially thought, as the sweetness seemed to come mainly from the chocolate bars.

Milkshake Factory Nu Sentral

Overall, Milkshake Factory is worth checking out if you are bored of the same old bubble tea and ice blended coffee. We also liked the colorful decor and cheerful vibe that surrounds it.

Milkshake Factory

L5.13, Level 5, Nu Sentral Shopping Mall
Business hours: 10am – 10pm

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