More New Lane Hawker Food

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Last weekend I had a sudden crave for BBQ chicken and fried oysters. It was at night so the first place I could think of is New Lane. New Lane is well known for the many hawker stalls operating at night. For the tourists staying in Sunway Hotel Georgetown, Penang they are extremely lucky because food is only steps away.


I ordered a BBQ chicken wing and thigh from the stall in the coffee shop. I forgot the coffee shop’s name but it is on the far left if you’re coming from Sunway Hotel. The BBQ chicken is very much nicer compared to the one I ordered during my last visit. They are fully cooked and the skin is sweet and crunchy from the generous amount of honey. The price is a bit expensive though.. a wing and a thigh cost RM6.70. It was kinda messy to eat with two sticks lol.


I also decided to try another stall’s fried prawns. The smallest serving costs RM8 and some oysters are fried together. If you are ordering this you gotta have lots of patience. I had to remind the boss three times before it was served.. there are simply too many people ordering.. And if you look at the prawns, the prawn waste at the back is removed so they appear like rolled up.


Wantan Mee was so-so, but the sui kao were good! There were at least three different types, all with fresh and sweet shrimps.


Though promising looking, the curry mee was a disappointment. I felt there was a lot of MSG because I was super thirsty after that. To look at some other foods New Lane has to offer, please visit New Lane Hawker Food post I made few months back. Enjoy!

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