Mua Chee @ Northam Beach Cafe

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Northam Beach Cafe is a nicer type of hawker center in Penang along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah. It is located right next to a beach hence the name. Northam Beach Cafe utilizes the open air concept so you could enjoy the wind coming from the sea. And because of the nice location, decoration and ample free parking space it is popular with the locals and tourists alike. The food, however is pretty much the same with the other hawker centers. But the mua chee here is quite special so it deserves a mention.

mua chee

Mua chee is my favorite snack when I was small. Who wouldn’t love that chewy and nutty texture! The traditional mua chee is made from glutinous rice flour, sliced into small pieces then mixed with castor sugar and roasted peanuts. Simple as that.

mua chee stall

Then someone break out of the traditional recipe and creating something different. The couple above introduced four new flavors of mua chee, claimed as the first in Penang. So, in total there are five flavors available which are original, sweetcorn, pandan, green tea and black sesame.

mua chee sign

For your information this is not taken off their menu, it’s shown on the stall itself haha. I just cropped that out from a photo I took. To try all the flavors, you can actually mix all five flavors in one serving to create what they call “Colorful Mua Chee”. I always do that to taste all the available flavors. The strongest one would be black sesame flavor, it really stands out from the rest.

mua chee dough

These are the colorful dough used to make the mua chee. Green tea and black sesame are on the left while sweetcorn is the one in front. I took this when he was preparing my order hehe. And another thing he did differently is adding peanut butter sauce on top of the mua chee. Look at the first photo again in case you didn’t notice. This idea is great because it really enhanced the peanutty taste! Sometimes, even though already had a heavy dinner, we would still purposely stop at Northam Beach Cafe for the mua chee. Yeah, it’s that good for us lol.

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