Muar Chee

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Muar Chee can be considered more of a snack. It is made of steamed glutinous rice served with ground peanuts, sugar and sometimes sesame seeds. When I was a small kid, father used to buy a big packet for merely RM1 and the whole family will enjoy it as a dessert after dinner.

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Now I can hardly find muar chee in Bukit Mertajam. In fact, I don’t remember seeing anyone selling it at all! There are more stalls selling muar chee in Penang island and you can usually find them whenever in night markets. Or you can try Gurney Drive or Northam Beach Cafe. Basically they all taste the same, just different in the price. The preparation of muar chee is simple enough. The preparer takes out a strip of steamed glutinous rice and put it in a container full of ground peanuts and sugar. Then the strips are cut into pieces. For the muar chee to taste better, there’s actually a very simple trick. Simply cut the muar chee into smaller pieces so that more peanuts can stick. If you have eaten muar chee before, you know that the smaller pieces taste nicer, right? :D

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Over the years, muar chee has evolved. It no longer comes in plain flavored glutinous rice. Now there are pandan, sweet corn, black sesame and many other flavors. I remember having a plate of mixed muar chee in Northam Beach Cafe which only costed RM2.50 and it was really good. As you can see, muar chee is eaten using toothpick, quite a unique food don’t you think so ;)

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