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Chinese New Year is coming soon and I bet you are stocking up seafood for a feast during the celebration period. Instead of buying from the market, do you know that you could actually order fresh seafood online and have them delivered to your doorstep?
If this sounds good to you, check out MySeafoodMart. It’s a local start-up that aims to deliver fresh seafood to people who value freshness and quality over price.


MySeafoodMart offers dozens of commonly eaten fish and shellfish in both fresh and frozen form. Some of their best sellers include whole Dragon Tiger Grouper (龙虎班), prawns and pre-packed frozen products such as deep sea calamari and de-shelled slipper lobster.
Most of their fishes and clams are caught off Pulau Ketam while the rest (especially lobsters) are from the Johor coastline. To qualify for free delivery within Klang Valley area, a minimum order of RM200 is required.
I was offered a free trial of their seafood delivery which I gladly accepted. My free seafood included a Dragon Tiger Grouper (1.3kg), a pack of frozen soft-shell prawns (1kg) and a pack of frozen slipper lobster flesh (600gm)
A thick polystyrene box filled with ice was used to store the seafood. For recycling purpose, the cooler box could be returned for a RM5 rebate on the next order.


Freshness aside, consumption safety with a peace of mind is another reason you should consider purchasing your seafood from MySeafoodMart. Since the seafood is delivered on the day of the catch, they are never frozen (except for certain shellfish products) nor treated with chemicals to artificially extend their shelf-life.
If you are unlucky, the fishes you bought from other places could have been treated with formaldehyde (solution to preserve dead animals) or bleached with chlorine. Needless to say these are nasty stuff that’d harm our health.
MySeafoodMart also has a special farm located in Pulau Ketam that is dedicated to rearing only Dragon Tiger Grouper. So any fish you order would be still alive before being delivered to you.
You could tell the fish is extremely fresh and still at its prime by the thick gooey substance coating its body. It’s important that you do not wash any of the seafood before storing them in the freezer, as that would introduce chlorine and affect the taste afterwards. You only need to wrap them in newspaper and store them as they are.


The special thing about these soft-shell prawns is that they were handpicked individually during their moulting phase. Think of them as soft-shell crabs you always eat at Japanese restaurants, but in prawn form.


The size of the prawns given are not the same though. They range from medium to large while some could be quite big meaty (tea spoon as scale) Since the shells on these prawns are soft, they could be eaten as a whole – usually deep fried or stir-frying. I brought some of them to a nearby restaurant to be cooked in Salt & Pepper style and they turned out great. More about that in a separate post later.


For RM41.90/pack (600gm) I think the slipper lobster meat is more than worth its price tag. The amount you see above might not look much, but is sufficient to be used for at least 3 dishes. We tried it with stir fry asparagus and salad style (deep fried and drizzled with mayonnaise) – both were equally enjoyable. The freshness is commendable considering it’s frozen. The flesh was tender and tasted pleasantly sweet after being cooked.

So if you’re interested at getting some fresh and rare seafood, head on to MySeafoodMart’s website to look at their full product list and respective prices. Currently there’s a new CNY pack promotion that’s going on which could just be the thing your’e looking for.
Even if it’s not for CNY, you could still consider getting your weekly seafood supplies from them since delivery service is available. If their products are good enough to be used by starred chefs at high end restaurants, it should be good enough for household consumption too.


Hunting line: 011-1230 8408

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