Nasi Lemak @ Wai Sik Kai, Kepong Baru

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This is a quite popular and nice nasi lemak in Kepong Baru‘s ‘wai sek kai’. If you’re from Kepong you should probably already know this nasi lemak stall. And I bet you have eaten it a couple of times already too. A normal order would be the usual anchovies, hard boiled egg and sambal. But you can opt for add-on dishes to make it a bigger and of course, a more delicious meal.

nasi lemak

What makes a good nasi lemak? The sambal of course. No matter how tasty the other dishes are, sambal provides the ‘kick’ and most importantly improves the taste a lot. Most curries are not too spicy to cater for the masses. So, the amount of sambal you put in your nasi lemak determines level of ‘kick’ and spiciness. I recommend taking lots of sambal if you’re eating here, it’s very good.

nasi lemak beef rendang

Among the things you can add-on are beef and chicken rendang, curry squid and fried egg. I took the beef and chicken rendang because they looked really good. And also the enticing smell of lemon grass used to cook the rendang.. you can smell it even when you’re queuing. I have a habit of adding extra eggs to my nasi lemak because I just love to eat them with sambal.

nasi lemak chicken rendang

The rice is cooked to perfection with coconut milk. As you can see the rice are not in lumps or sticking to each other, this requires skills yo. And the anchovies are of the freshest and one of the crunchiest I’ve ever tasted. They make pretty loud crunchy sounds when you chew on them lol.

kepong nasi lemak

It’s a pity there’s no name for this nasi lemak stall. But if you mention good nasi lemak in Kepong, this would probably the first that come into mind @ “Wai Sek Kai“. Price wise, it was quite reasonable. It cost less than RM10 for us. The uncle and his sister only sell for dinners from 7pm onwards. Be there as early as possible or you will join the long queue lol. Besides good nasi lemak in this ‘wai sik kai’ food court, there’s also great Kam Heong Lala and BBQ chicken wing! All foods are equally well recommended :)

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