Nyok Lan Kajang Satay @ Restoran Malaysia

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I have been busy over the last weekend to prepare myself for my new job in Cyberjaya starting later this month. So, I went down to KL/Kajang/Kepong/Serdang/Damansara to look for a place to stay as well as shop for furniture at IKEA. Of course, I also visited some of my favorite eating places and share it with you guys. First stop is Kajang, where I went for its famous Satay Kajang.

kajang satay

Needless to say, when people mention sate Kajang, the first restaurant they would think of is Haji Samuri. I think most people have already tried and blogged about it so there’s no need for further introduction. They are so successful that they already opened a branch in Damansara, so that people won’t have to travel to Kajang for the real thing.

sate kajang

In Kajang town, there’s satay selling everywhere. I think one would be sick of satays even before being able to try all of them lol. Nyok Lan Kajang Satay is a Chinese owned stall operating in Restoran Malaysia. They have the usual variety of meat available like chicken, mutton, fish and beef. For side dishes there are the usual ketupat (satay rice) and cucumber which will be charged extra. Shown here are chicken (60cents) and fish (90cents) satays. And the peanut sauce is mixed with sambal to create a sweet and spicy taste. You can see they aren’t stingy with the peanut sauce, you can request as much as you want.

satay kajang restaurant

It is a nice alternative for good Kajang satay if you have only been to Haji Samuri and want to try something new. I know of a stall in Bayan Lepas that sells sate Kajang just opposite PSDC. It is a corner house located along the same row with Klinik Singapore. And they claim they obtain the supply of satay directly from Haji Samuri in Kajang. I have tried it before and although the taste is a bit off the real thing, it should be good enough to give you the fix.

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