Nyonya Food @ Straits Food Company, Bangsar

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Craving for some Nyonya cuisine? A visit to the Straits Food Company might help to scratch that itch. This kopitiam-like restaurant serves both Malaccan-style Peranakan hawker fare and rice dishes at prices so reasonable, that you start to wonder if you’re really eating at Bangsar.
Also, if you feel the food looks familiar, that’s because this establishment is also run by the same people who run Baba Low’s.

Nyonya food Laksa Cendol

As usual, Nyonya Laksa is my yardstick for any Peranakan restaurant, and I am glad to say it did not disappoint at all. For RM7, you get a big serving of noodles (which could be considered as the large portion at any hawker stall) garnished with generous shreds of cucumber, half an egg, some rather small albeit fresh cockles and one piece of sweet tasting prawn.
The soup was prepared with sufficient coconut milk and had the right consistency which is not too thick nor too thin. It really hit my spot for a good bowl of Nyonya Laksa and I happily finished everything in no time. If some laksa leaves were added, it’d help to elevate the noodles further.
Notwithstanding that the Cendol was a little pricey @ RM4.50, it was good and tasted authentic enough to warrant a try. Its velvety smooth texture and unique Gula Melaka flavor quicky reminded us of those we had in Melaka.

Nyonya food in KL Nasi-Nyonya-Platter

We were not in the mood for Nasi Lemak or another noodle dish so we went for the Nasi Nyonya Platter @ RM10. The rice always comes with a serving of Bendeh Sambal Belacan and you are supposed to choose a cooked dish from the menu, may it be chicken (curry, pong teh, kunyit) or seafood (ikan goreng cili garam, ikan gerang asam, sambal prawn) Curry Chicken was our choice.
Just a sip of the curry’s gravy was enough to tell that it was well-prepared with lots of spices with a hint of sweetness. But it was the belacan that we really enjoyed. It was quite spicy, oozing with freshness and had a refreshingly tangy lime taste to it. Simply appetizing.


Despite not having any lard, the Popiah Peranakan @ RM4.50 was not bad, it was stuffed with plenty of turnip. The Kaya Butter Bun @ RM2.10 would had been more satisfying if only they were more generous with the kaya filling. Nonetheless it was still an affordable and enjoyable snack because the kaya was quite delicious (which is why I hoped they had given more!)
The drinks here are quite cheap as well and could match the prices charged by nearby coffee shops. My hot coffee @ RM2 was thick, smooth and aromatic. Only complaint? It was a tad too sweet. Must tell them kurang manis next time.


Some biscuits that bring back the childhood are also sold here. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted to buy a packet :)


Food for All


Based on the things we had I am pretty sure we will be back again very soon. I always have a thing for Nyonya Laksa and I am glad I found one that could satisfy my taste buds. Moroever, the prices here are friendly to the wallet for Nyonya food. It cost only RM30 for the meal shown above and there wasn’t any service or gov tax too.

Straits Food Company – Food For All
2, Jalan Abdullah, Off Jalan Bangsar
Bangsar Utama, 59100 KL
Tel: 03-2202 0038
Business hours: 10am – 10pm daily

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